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Operations and finance policies

Current students and employees can access all policies and procedures on Connect (access required).

College Purchase and Vehicle Card Policy
This policy outlines the process for issuing and managing college purchase and vehicle cards.

College Travel Card Policy
This policy establishes practices governing the use, payment and substantiation requirements for all College Travel Card purchases.

Communication Devices - Acceptable Use Policy
This policy informs employees of acceptable uses of communication devices and related service packages provided by the College and identifies criteria for eligibility of employees to procure and use equipment and services.

Drug and Alcohol Use Policy
This policy promotes a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment by reducing the risks associated with the use of Alcohol and Drugs and by striving to eliminate the effects of Drug or Alcohol Abuse on the College and the members of the NSCC Community.

Email Policy
This policy clearly identifies NSCC’s email service as a College-owned and managed resource and business tool and guides users in the effective and efficient management of this resource.

Entertainment and Other Expenses Policy
This policy sets out guidelines and boundaries for NSCC employees who have a requirement to entertain, plan team meals, student celebrations/events, purchase supplies, purchase office decor and/or to buy gifts for recognition purposes for individuals both internal and external of the College.

Facilities Use and Rentals Policy
This policy specifies the guiding principles for the use of space and the conditions under which the College may choose to allow its facilities & equipment to be used by external users.

Fraud Policy

Fundraising Policy
This Policy provides the framework which supports and governs all NSCC fundraising initiatives, campaigns, programs and events carried out in support of NSCC.

Payment Card Industry Compliance Policy
This policy establishes guidelines for processing credit card payments to ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Policy Development Administration Policy
This policy establishes a consistent and coordinated approach for developing, approving, amending, reviewing and revoking College policies.

Portable Technology Equipment Policy
This policy informs employees of acceptable uses of portable technology equipment provided by the College and identifies criteria for eligibility of employees to procure and use equipment and services.

Presidential Travel Expenses Policy
This policy recognizes that there are additional expectations of accountability and regularly occurring job requirements of the President warranting limited exceptions to NSCC Policy 62.01 - Travel and Reimbursement and is only applicable to the President of NSCC.

Procurement Policy
This policy aims to ensure that all procurement processes are performed in a fair and transparent manner where goods, services and construction are procured in an open and competitive environment; where all transactions yield optimal value to Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC).

Risk Management Policy
This policy formalizes the College's commitment to risk management.

Short Term Investment Policy
This policy outlines the requirements and goals of investing NSCC's surplus operational funds.

Social Media
Outlines Social Media expectations for Employees and Students and articulates NSCC’s position on College-branded Social Media accounts.

Survey Policy
This policy coordinates the administration of surveys to the NSCC community.

Sustainability Policy
This policy supports our commitment to sustainability in a broad context.

Technology Resources - Acceptable Use Policy
This policy promotes responsible and ethical behaviour in an environment that is productive and safe for all users of Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Technology Resources.

Temporary Campus or College Closure
This policy provides direction to be followed in the event that conditions pose a threat to the health, wellbeing and/or safety of NSCC community members to an extent that warrants a temporary campus or College closure.

Travel and Reimbursement Policy
This policy provides standards for the reimbursement of travel expenses to employees for reasonable expenses incurred on college business, generally when away from the employee’s regular work location.

Web Policy
This policy guides users in the effective and efficient management of NSCC websites and provides guidelines for how NSCC web content is developed, presented, hosted, maintained and governed.