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Policy Development Administration Policy

Ref. No. Executive sponsor Policy steward Approval authority First approved Last reviewed Effective date Next review
78.01 Vice President, College Services and Strategy Director, Policy, Planning & Research Executive Council Jan. 31, 2017 Oct. 1, 2019 Oct. 1, 2019 Oct. 2024
  1. Purpose
    1. NSCC aims to provide clear, transparent and easily accessible policies that advance our mission and values. Policies set the direction of the College and behavioural expectations of our members. Effective policies comply with laws, manage institutional risk, and ensure decision-making is consistent.
    2. The purpose of this policy is to establish a consistent and coordinated approach for developing, approving, amending, reviewing and revoking College policies.
  1. Scope
    1. This policy applies to the development and maintenance of all College wide policies.
  1. Definitions
Term Definition
CLF College Leadership Forum made up of college members at a manager level or above.
NSCC Community NSCC Community member under this policy includes, but is not limited to the following:
  1. Employee: any person who is employed by NSCC or provides services to NSCC under an employment contract.
  2. Student: anyone applying to or registered in College programs or otherwise participating in College courses, programs, events and activities.
  3. Volunteer: any person performing work for NSCC in an unpaid capacity.
  4. Contractor: any individual or company (and its employees) who provides services to NSCC under a service contract (i.e. a non-employee-employer relationship)
  5. NSCC Community Member: any person working in collaboration with NSCC for a business or academic purpose or an external community member, including all graduates and alumni of NSCC.
  6. NSCC Board of Governors: the governing body of the College
Executive Council is composed of NSCC’s Vice Presidents.
Executive Policy Sponsor the member of the Executive Council accountable for policy in her/his respective functional areas of the College.
Executive Team is composed of the Executive Council and the President of NSCC.
Policy Agenda The list of priority policies to be worked on in the current academic year.
Policy Steward the senior leader responsible for all policies in a functional area of the College under her/his direction who is assigned by the Executive Policy Sponsor to assume the lead in the development, renewal, implementation, and maintenance and renewal of policies on behalf of the Executive Policy Sponsor.
Policy Author is a subject matter expert or operational specialist assigned by the Policy Steward responsible for the functional area to author new policy, make policy revisions and manage version control for documents throughout the policy development and renewal process.
Policy Officer is the NSCC staff member in the Policy, Planning and Research department who is responsible for managing the annual policy development, renewal and approval cycle, and publishing processes on behalf of the Executive Policy Sponsors. The Policy Officer supports the Executive lead responsible for Policy Excellence.
SLF Senior Leadership Forum made up of college members at a Director level or above.
  1. Policy
    1. All College-wide policies must be developed, approved, amended, reviewed or revoked in accordance with this policy and related procedures.
    2. NSCC uses a policy agenda as set by Executive Council to align all policy development and renewal work with College priorities. All policy development and renewal work must adhere to the policy agenda. The policy agenda is an active document and priorities can change with the approval of the Executive Policy Sponsor.
    3. Roles and Responsibilities
      1. The Executive Council ensures that policy development and renewal priorities are focused on areas of high risk and/or strategic importance to NSCC and has oversight responsibility for all NSCC policies. Executive Council approves all college-wide policies as the final approver or before moving them to the Board of Governors for final approval.
      2. Executive Policy Sponsors are responsible for administering the policy and ensuring that policy development timelines are met.
      3. Policy Stewards and Authors lead the development, implementation, maintenance and renewal of policies on behalf of the Executive Policy Sponsor.
      4. The Policy Officer is responsible for coordinating the renewal cycle for policies, maintaining the policy repository, and for ensuring all policies adhere to the approved template.
    4. Policy Structure
      All policies must:
      1. Adhere to the approved NSCC policy template. Exceptions to the template must be recommended by the Policy Officer and approved by Executive Council.
      2. Use the definitions provided in the Glossary of Terms unless otherwise approved by the Policy Officer.
      3. Be up to date on the review cycle.