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Report to the Community 2021

The Report to the Community is an annual snapshot of stories that demonstrates the tangible and lasting impact that NSCC has on the Province of Nova Scotia. In this year's report, you'll find stories of individuals who are drawing on the education and support they received at NSCC to shape the workforce, communities and future of our province – one we can all be proud to call home.


Amelia Dinh, an early childhood educator, smiles at a child in her care across a picnic table.
Connection and community With support from NSCC International and EduNova’s Study & Stay™ in Nova Scotia program, Amelia arrived in Springhill ready to build a career as an early childhood educator. Today, she’s an active alum who helps others forge connections and build community.
Nathan Crowell, a researcher with  NSCC’s Applied Geomatics Research Group, smiles in a blue, button-up shirt and looks off to the left.
Back to nature Nathan Crowell is helping the Whale Sanctuary Project better understand the future site of North America’s first whale sanctuary. By gathering data on the seafloor, tides and flushing rates in Port Hilford Bay, he’s helping provide answers to complex questions.
Chefs Mark Paterson and Krista LeTerte are shown. They are seated at a restaurant table and wearing green, chef’s jackets. They looking at an iPad, smiling and enjoying a meal and drinks.
Recipe for success Chefs Mark Paterson and Krista LeTerte are building a culinary empire on Cape Breton Island. The two, award-winning talents and their team create hundreds of thoughtfully curated, expertly prepared apps, entrees and desserts each day for clients across four lines of business.
Books on a library shelf featuring a label on their spine that features a bold, four-colour, two-dimensional, north-facing turtle. The turtle’s shell into four, distinct quadrants of solid white, yellow, red and black.
Wi’kipatmu’k Mi’kmawey Riki Lee is the artist behind a new program at NSCC’s campus libraries. The spines of all Mi’kmaw and other first-voice, Indigenous materials have been affixed with a label featuring her deeply-symbolic design — making research easier and celebrating Indigenous content.
Vanity Thompson, a nurse, smiles while looking off to the side. She is wearing a yellow surgery gown and putting on a blue, surgical glove. She is in a stainless-steel room.
A life’s purpose At the age of 6, Vanity Thompson knew she wanted to become a nurse. While life took a different path than expected, she discovered her dream was within reach when she enrolled in the African Canadian Transition Program. Today, she’s a nurse in the QEII’s COVID-19 Unit.
A black and white image of the Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute from AUgust 1974. From the W.K. Morrison Collection.
Looking back. Thinking forward. While the Nova Scotia Community College we know today was officially created in 1996, our history can be traced back well beyond 25 years to 1872, when Nova Scotia’s first technical and vocational school opened.
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