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Canadian and permanent resident applicants

International students

Are you an international student? View the application process for international students

Canadian and permanent resident applicants

Many of our 140+ programs fill up fast, so follow the steps outlined below and apply early.

  1. Select your top 2 program choices.
    You can have 1 active application with up to 2 NSCC program choices at a time. One program at 2 different campuses counts as 2 choices.

  2. Review our general admission requirements.
    Confirm that you meet general admission requirements. Check to see if your program has additional admissions requirements.

  3. Review the admission requirements for your selected program(s).
    Many programs have specific admission requirements; they’re noted under the “Admission requirements” tab on each program page - be sure to read them carefully.

  4. Check if you require additional assessment.
    Some applicants require additional assessment once applications and transcripts have been reviewed.

  5. View tuition, program costs and fees.
    Amounts are set each spring for the following September. See program fees for the estimated cost of your program, including amounts for textbooks, supplies, tuition and fees.

  6. Explore student awards, scholarships and bursaries.
    Learn about the NSCC student awards, scholarships and bursaries available to you.

  7. Be ready to pay your application fee.
    Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee.

  8. Submit your application.
    Note that if you have a diagnosed physical, mental health, chronic health or learning challenge -- and wish to self-identify on your application -- you may be eligible for academic accommodations through Accessibility Services.

Apply now as a domestic student

Now that you’ve reviewed the steps above, you’re ready to apply.

Apply now

Mail or drop off your application. Download the application form (PDF 81KB)

Having trouble returning to the online application login?

  • Online application sessions expire after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Close all browser windows to begin another application session.
  • If you're still unable to access the online application login, clear your browser cache.