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eCampus experience

Learning online has its advantages. If you're thinking about joining our eCampus, consider the following while choosing the best campus experience for you.

You’re part of a community

Although you’re not physically on campus, you still get to connect with your classmates, develop relationships and experience what it’s like to belong to a close-knit campus community.

You’re supported

Learning online is different than learning on campus, but you’re offered the same wide range of student services and learning supports available to students studying at our physical locations.

You have your own student services advisor who knows your program, can help you understand the expectations of learning online and can answer your questions.

You learn independently and you also collaborate

Some of our program delivery formats require you to be comfortable working independently online.

You also work with classmates online and your classes may include real-time video conferencing.

Prepare for the best experience

Setting up for success will help you do your best. The right technology, learning space and a commitment to your studies is crucial to having the best eCampus experience.

You need the right technology and set-up

To succeed as an eCampus student, you need access to high-speed internet and a computer that meets your program's technology requirements.

Setting up a dedicated learning space is an important part of the online learning experience. Your space should be free of distractions and arranged to avoid physical strain.

You need to practise time management

With some courses and programs, you don’t have specific class times. You need to manage your time independently to meet deadlines for your assignments, assessments and evaluations.

Plan to spend approximately eight hours per week on each of your courses. Students who schedule a few hours each day for their studies tend to find the online learning experience more enjoyable and have greater success.