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Student records and enrolment

Once you've been accepted into a program, you may wish to make changes to your enrolment. Learn how to:

Request documentation

You can print your unofficial transcripts from MyNSCC. However, if you need official transcriptsconfirmation of enrolment letters, or replacement diplomas, please submit a Document Request form.

Provide consent to share information

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) restricts the release of personal information without the informed consent of the person to whom it relates. On occasion, you may wish to have information released to parties either inside or outside NSCC. To give the College permission to do so, fill out a Consent to Release Information form

  • While the consent form allows for information sharing, it does not give parents/guardians/advocates permission to speak on your behalf.
  • This form is in place for the entire academic year -- or until a new form to change or remove consent is submitted.

Update your name

Submit a Name Change Request form to make changes to your official name, including:

  • Correcting spelling mistakes in your name
  • Adding, removing or changing a middle name(s) or initial(s)
  • Changing your name to something different from your formal legal name

Change your enrolment

You can add or remove courses from your schedule by submitting a Course Change Form - Adding or Dropping a Course.

  • Before you make any changes, you should speak with your faculty or your Academic Chair to understand how this change might impact your graduation requirements.
  • Review your student handbook for key dates, academic policies and financial implications related to course revisions.

Transfer to a new campus

After the first term of study, you can request to take your program at another campus by submitting a Campus Transfer Request form.

Withdraw from your program

If you have started your program and choose to withdraw, you must submit a Program Withdrawal form for the withdrawal to be official. If you haven't started your program and have decided not to come, please contact Admissions to withdraw.

Return to studies

If you withdrew from a program but successfully completed your first term (or more), you can request re-entry to your former program by submitting a Return to Studies form.


If you have questions or would like to make other enrolment changes, please contact Student Services at your campus.

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