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Some programs at some campuses have more qualified applicants than we have seats. When this happens, we create a waitlist. Being placed on a waitlist means you're qualified for the program, but no open seats are currently available.

You’re placed on the waitlist based on your completed application date.

Applying to a waitlisted program

  • You can apply for a waitlisted program.
  • Complete applications will be assessed and qualified applicants will be placed on the waitlist.
  • Applying as early as possible is important for waitlisted programs.

Length of our waitlists

  • Waitlists are constantly changing. Depending on the program/location, there can be a lot of movement in our waitlists throughout the year.
    • Based on volume of qualified applicants, we can give you an estimate of how long you may have to wait to start your program, but it's not a guarantee. 
    • As we move closer to the start of classes and confirmed applicants change their plans, seats may open up.
    • Be ready to accept a seat up to two weeks after classes begin. Get your finances, child care, transportation and other important pieces in place so you can accept a seat when offered.
    • Waitlists in most programs will clear during the year of application, but a few program/location offerings have multi-year waitlists (noted with a yellow icon on the program webpage). This means that new applicants can expect to wait more than one academic year to be offered a seat.
  • Qualified applicants remain on the waitlist until a seat is available; there’s no need to reapply.

Your options if waitlisted

  • If you’re waitlisted, you may want to consider applying to a second program (you’re permitted to have two program/location choices on your application).
  • If we waitlist you for your first choice program/location, and admit you to your second choice program/location, you’ll remain on the waitlist for your first choice program/location.

Waitlists for competitive entry programs

  • Some programs, such as the Medical Laboratory Technology program, have a competitive entry process.
  • Waitlists for competitive entry programs expire at the end of the intake; if you're not offered a seat, you're required to apply again.