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Some popular NSCC programs at certain locations have more qualified applicants than we have seats to offer. When this happens, we begin a 'waitlist'. Being placed on a waitlist means you are qualified for the program, but we presently do not have any seats available.

As we move closer to the beginning of classes, seats often become available when confirmed applicants change their plans. Admissions will go to the waitlist and offer seats to applicants in complete application date order.

Multi-year Waitlists

Waitlists in most programs will clear during the year of application, but a few program/location offerings have multi-year waitlists. These offerings are noted with a yellow icon on the program page of our website. This means that new applicants can expect to wait more than one academic year to be offered a seat in their choice of program/location. Applicants only apply once and qualified applicants remain on the waitlist until we can offer a seat in the program.

Can I apply to a Waitlisted program?

Absolutely! Complete applications will be assessed and qualified applicants will be placed on the waitlist. Applying as early as possible is important for waitlisted programs.

How long is the waitlist?

Waitlists vary by program and are constantly changing. Based on volumes of qualified applicants, Admissions can give you an estimate of how long you may have to wait, but it is not a guarantee.

How do seats become available in waitlisted programs?

Depending on the program/location, there can be a lot of movement in our waitlists, up until two weeks beyond the start of a program. Seats become available in several ways, such as when applicants:

  • change their mind,
  • miss their tuition and fees deadline,
  • do not meet conditions of acceptance,
  • do not show for classes.

Be ready to accept an offer. Get your finances, child care, transportation and other important pieces in place so you can accept a seat when you are offered.

If I am waitlisted, do I have other options?

You are permitted to have two active program/locations choices. You may want to consider applying to a second choice offering. If we waitlist you in your first choice and admit your to your second choice, you will remain on the waitlist for a seat offer.

Contact a campus to learn more about other career and academic upgrading options.

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