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Some programs are in high demand, where the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of seats available. When a program location and availability is labelled as "Waitlist", it means we've currently offered all available seats to qualified applicants.

Can I still apply?

Absolutely! When you apply and meet the requirements for a program that is waitlisted, your application will be considered for admission as soon as seats become available.

How long is the waitlist?

The length of our waitlists vary by program. For program locations that are consistently in high demand, we provide an estimate of when you can expect to be admitted to the program based on the volume of applications received. It is not a guarantee and is subject to change.

How do seats become available?

Depending on the program location, there can be a lot of movement on a waitlist. Seats become available when an applicant:

  • declines an offer of admission,
  • does not meet the conditions of acceptance,
  • does not meet tuition obligations,
  • accepts a job or another post-secondary opportunity,
  • does not show up during the first week or two of classes.

What are my options?

  • You may want to consider applying to the program at a different campus if there are seats available. Check Program Openings to see if any other campuses have seats available for your program of choice.
  • If your goal is to take the program at your preferred campus location, apply as early as you can so you’ll be considered for its next available intake. If you meet the admission requirements, you will be placed on the waitlist and notified when a seat becomes available.
  • Contact a campus to learn more about career exploration and academic upgrading options.

Our goal is to give you the information you need to make program choices that best fit your plans. We’ll share any updates on changes to waitlists as they occur.

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