2016 T2202A Tuition Fee Income Tax Receipts

From MyNSCC - go to Main Menu | Self Service | Student Center. The T2202A link is in the left column under "Finances".

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MyNSCC provides NSCC students, applicants and staff with access to important NSCC information. Manage and view your personal information, schedules, make payments and more with MyNSCC.

Students & Applicants

Staff & Faculty

Student & Applicant Login

Students can:

  • Manage their profile
  • Update contact info
  • Access weekly schedule
  • Pay tuition deposit & tuition
  • View financial charges & payments
  • View grades
  • View unofficial transcript
  • Access Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate (T2202a)

Applicants can:

  • Check applicant status
  • Accept/decline Offer of Admission
  • Pay tuition deposit & tuition
  • Manage To Do items
  • View communications
  • View financial charges & payments

Getting access

Learn how and when you can access MyNSCC.

Pay & Benefits Login

  • Review paycheck & compensation
  • Review benefits
  • Access T4 slip
  • Update contact info

Payments & Education Login

  • Make online payments for parking pass, tuition, fees
  • Access Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate (T2202a)
  • View financial charges & payments

*Faculty only

  • Access class rosters*
  • Enter student grades*
  • View course & class information*
  • View weekly & student schedules*
  • View & update Gradebook*
  • View & create assignments*

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