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Innovation and Research Stories

A woman in nature holding a hand-knit stuffed bear dressed in Nova Scotia tartan and a matching yellow sou'wester hat.
Entrepreneurship funding empowers NSCC grad to craft her future With support from the Entrepreneurship in the Making program, Sarah Marlin is turning her crafting hobby into a business. Learn how the funding and mentorship she received is helping her dreams come to life.
Woman librarian sitting at desk with historical maps placed in front of her
Celebrating one of NSCC’s beloved librarians Trish Leblanc dedicated 14 years of her career as a librarian at NSCC’s Annapolis Valley Campus overseeing one of Canada’s most historical and valuable map collections; the WK Morrison Special Collection.
A person is standing outside looking at their phone.
Empowering safety What started as an idea to develop safety plans for students, has quickly turned into a tangible app with the potential to save lives from the dangers of human trafficking.
Exterior image of the Solera wall at Sydney Waterfront Campus
New campus promotes sustainability while supporting local From floor to ceiling, Sydney Waterfront Campus is being built with sustainability top of mind and will include a unique and sustainable product that is locally owned.
Two hands, one adorned with tattoos, collaboratively braiding long strands of grass on a marshy coastline.
Weaving together Indigenous wisdom and Western science for a sustainable future Collaboratively cultivating sweetgrass, a culturally significant plant, to empower communities, reconnect generations with traditional knowledge, and ensure the plant's vitality for the future.
Five individuals stand in front of a wall smiling at the camera.
Students develop safety app to combat human trafficking What started as an idea to develop safety plans to prevent students from violence has quickly turned into a tangible app with the potential to save lives.
A woman is riding a bike passed a wall covered in live plants. There is a NSCC logo in the top right corner with the Together | Ensemble conference logo.
Sustainability champions gather at Akerley Campus for national conference Sustainability champions gathered at Akerley campus for national conference to discuss progress on Sustainable Development Goals.
Cole Gregory is pictured.
Leading the charge When Kohltech Windows and Entrance Systems wanted to determine if their residential windows could function as solar panels, they contacted NSCC’s Applied Energy Research Lab and researcher Cole Gregory for help.
Nathan Crowell, a researcher with  NSCC’s Applied Geomatics Research Group, smiles in a blue, button-up shirt and looks off to the left.
Back to nature Nathan Crowell is helping the Whale Sanctuary Project better understand the future site of North America’s first whale sanctuary. By gathering data on the seafloor, tides and flushing rates in Port Hilford Bay, he’s helping provide answers to complex questions.
Turning the tides
Turning the tides Neil Laamanen is helping small- and medium-sized businesses bring their ocean innovations to life at SEATAC, the College's technology access centre – including a 3D metal print that’s become a world tidal sector first.
A woman with brown hair is crouched down. She is wearing an inflatable live-vest and holding a small underwater drone that is yellow. In the backgroun, a large, white ship and a gangway can be seen.
An ocean of opportunity NSCC grad, researcher joins research project to protect Nova Scotia’s seabed.
A man crouches by a well. He is wearing a jean jacket and blue latex gloves. He is holding a test tube and looking at it. In the background there is a thick crop of trees.
Testing the water Dr. Etienne Mfoumou leads NSCC's research project into water-filtration solutions for Shelburne community.
A man in a blue, buttoned up shirt and khaki pants walks in front of a large section of solar panels that are attached to a white shipping container. He is outside.
Shining a light on a solar future At NSCC, Dr. Wayne Groszko explores and develops renewable energy solutions like the deployable microgrid.
A woman in a green, zip-up jacket holds a rolled up map under her arm and walks in front of a building with the letters C O V E on it.
Mapping the ocean floor and marine habitats At NSCC, Jillian Ejdrygiewicz is mapping areas of the sea floor that haven’t been highly investigated yet.