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Hire a student

Male student in a welding suit working.

All of our programs require a component of work-integrated learning where students can apply their trained skills on the job. Employers like you can benefit greatly from taking on an NSCC student in either a paid or unpaid position. Funding is available for employers who hire students and recent grads. 

Benefits of hiring students

  • Work-ready students for extra support during busy periods of the year or for special projects.
  • Opportunities to evaluate and identify potential future employees as part of your long-term recruitment strategy.
  • Fresh perspectives that students bring to your workforce.
  • Opportunity to foster the next generation of employees by providing them with valuable career-related work experiences.
  • Funding is available

Hire a student or graduate

Interested in hiring one of our students or graduates? Interested in having one of our students for work experience?

Post a job or co-op opportunity.

Types of work placements

We offer four broad categories of work experiences that prepare students for their professional or occupational field of study. 

Field experience
  • 5 to 8 weeks (paid or unpaid)
  • Field experiences provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills outside of the classroom
  • Over 100 programs offer field experiences
  • Most programs provide field experiences during the spring, although schedules vary by program
Professional practice
  • Duration and term (fall/winter/spring/summer) varies depending on the program
  • Professional practice is offered in the majority of our Health programs
  • Professional practice is required for a professional license or designation (including clinical placement, practicums, preceptorships, etc.)
Co-operative education

Support student learning

If you'd like to support our students with their program in ways other than through our work placements, please consider one of the following:  

Employer guide

For information needed to hire one of our students, please view the employer guide (PDF 361KB).

Insurance guidelines

Review our Work Integrated Learning - Insurance Guidelines (PDF 152KB) to learn more about partner/employer coverage requirements.

Contact us

Tell us your needs and we’ll help you find a student. Email .

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