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Case studies

Aboriginal Skills Partnership

Request: The Aboriginal Skills Partnership (ASEP) works with First Nation communities to improve employment opportunities for Aboriginal peoples. There was a need in the Cape Breton construction sector for skilled entry-level construction workers.

Solution: NSCC worked with ASEP to develop and deliver a 30-week Construction Technical Support training program to prepare unemployed and underemployed Aboriginal peoples with the skills needed to work in the local construction industry. Participants gained a number of skills: the ability to perform technical skills safely within quality assurance and control standards, report on project implementation, employ basic surveying and drafting skills, interpret blueprints, recognize a variety of soils, apply testing procedures to concrete, soils and asphalt, and demonstrate an awareness of the environmental impact of civil and construction activity.

Result: NSCC responded to the needs of a local industry by identifying an eager workforce and providing them with the skills and knowledge required to build careers.15 Aboriginal learners successfully completed the program.

Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority

Request: The Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA) recognized a desire within client families to better communicate with their deaf children.

Solution: NSCC developed 40-hour American Sign Language (ASL) program for APSEA and the families it serves. Delivered on-site at the APSEA location, the two 20-hour courses introduced the skills and knowledge needed to communicate everyday topics.

Result: NSCC is developing a more in-depth training program for these families, which will build on their initial ASL learning. The College is also piloting the program online, with the aim of making it more accessible.

Department of National Defence

Request: The Department of National Defence (DND) provides ongoing training, in a range of areas, for military personnel. This training helps DND in its work around the world and contributes to community and regional development.

Solution: NSCC delivers trades and technology training that mirrors programming offered at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering. At NSCC, full-time military personnel access up-to-date training and gain practical experiences in the construction engineering trades.

Result: In the past 10 years, more than 480 people have participated in over 40 different construction engineering training programs at NSCC.


Request: IMP recognized the need to offer middle-level management, many with professional technical training, specific training in the leadership of business teams.

Solution: NSCC established a 72-hour program focused on building upon participants’ existing management knowledge. Course modules offered practical management applications, with the aim of enhancing management skills.

Result: NSCC has delivered ongoing training for IMP.

Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines

Request: Efficiency Nova Scotia required a province-wide training program for the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems.

Solution: NSCC developed the Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Installation Training program, in collaboration with the Department of Energy and Mines and industry stakeholders. The course provides the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the installation of PV panels.

Result: So far, NSCC has delivered this program at six campuses across the province, training more than 70 installers.


Request: Reach has requested an animated marketing video to explain how their new orthopedic shoulder device works.

Solution: Students in NSCC’s Digital Animation program are creating a video that clearly and concisely explains the Reach shoulder device.

Result: The animation is in progress, with a planned June 2020 launch.