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Portable Technology Equipment Policy

Ref. No. Executive sponsor Policy steward Approval authority First approved Last reviewed Effective date Next review
63.61 Vice President, College Services and Strategy Chief Information Officer Executive Council Pre-2018 Sept. 18, 2018 Sept. 1, 2018 Sept. 1, 2023
  1. Purpose
    1. Nova Scotia Community College recognizes that, in addition to mobile devices such as smart phones and laptops some employees may need additional portable technology equipment such as digital cameras and projectors to effectively perform their employment duties on behalf of the College. Two main purposes of this policy are:
      1. Inform employees of acceptable uses of portable technology equipment provided by the College to them for business purposes related to employment duties and other educational purposes.
      2. To identify criteria for eligibility of employees to procure and use equipment and services appropriate to the business needs of their position/role in the College.
  1. Scope
    1. This policy applies to all NSCC employees who use College owned portable technology equipment for business purposes related to employment duties and educational purposes on behalf of the College.
    2. This policy does not apply to communication devices, including mobile devices, which are regulated under the NSCC Communication Devices – Acceptable Use Policy (63.31).
  1. Definitions
Term Definition
Communication Devices Includes all mobile devices as defined below as well as other communications devices including, but not limited to: land line telephones and two- way radios.
Mobile Devices Any electronic devices with the ability to transmit or receive data, text, and/or voice, via a College-approved cellular network. This includes but is not limited to smartphones, cellular equipped tablets and laptops.
Portable Any College owned technology equipment that is not fixed in place at a specific location on College property and can be easily transported from place to place is considered portable.
Portable Technology Equipment Any form of portable equipment that is not a mobile device that receives digital inputs, produces digital outputs or otherwise enhances the use of a computer or mobile device, including, but not limited to: portable projectors, printers with scanning capability, digital cameras, GPS devices, surveyor equipment.
  1. Policy
    1. Acceptable Uses of College-provided Portable Technology Equipment
      All College-provided is provided for business related purposes and is to be used appropriately.
      1. Determination of which portable technology equipment will be made available to any employee will depend on:
        1. The nature of their employment and the content of their employment duties.
        2. The cost-effectiveness of the devices provided to individual employees.
        3. Requirements for access to departmental use (e.g. equipment provided to an Academic Chair that is intended for use by students and faculty in the learning environment.
      2. The use of College-provided portable technology equipment for private commercial or consulting purpose is strictly prohibited.
    2. Eligibility for Provision of Portable Technology Equipment
      The following criteria will be used to determine the eligibility of the department or individual requesting the equipment:
      1. The request is of an urgent nature such as equipment failure. The nature of the urgency must be justified and explained in writing.
      2. Multiple business location responsibilities that require this portability.
      3. Dedicated equipment is required for an individual related to their core employment duties or for frequent use within a department or an academic program.
      Otherwise the request must be submitted during the normal budget and FEMP process for the subsequent year.
    3. Employee Responsibilities
      1. Ensuring appropriate use of all portable technology equipment assigned to them by complying with the provisions of this policy.
      2. Maintaining data security by ensuring that all data storage devices (e.g. SD card, thumb drive) are adequately protected from theft. These devices should be removed from the equipment and stored securely to protect data, confidential records, personal information and photographic images.
      3. Reporting loss, theft or damage of immediately to their supervisor.
    4. Supervisor Responsibilities
      1. Ensuring that all employees reporting to them are aware of and compliant with all policies and procedures regarding the use and management of portable technology equipment for business uses while employed by NSCC.
      2. Ensuring that all equipment is returned to them at the time of an employee’s departure from employment at the College, and is returned immediately to the Manager, Digital Innovation & Technology for their campus/work location.
      3. Ongoing management of all departmental functions related to the procurement, use and disposition of portable technology equipment.
    5. Management Responsibilities
      All portable technology equipment is priced, procured and managed through NSCC’s Digital Innovation & Technology. The Director of Digital Innovation & Technology is responsible for:
      1. Stewardship of all College policies and procedures regarding the use, procurement and possession of all technology equipment.
      2. Ensuring that the use of technology equipment for college business is correctly authorized and monitored.
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