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College Travel Card Policy

Ref. No. Executive sponsor Policy steward Approval authority First approved Last reviewed Effective date Next review
62.71 Vice President, College Services and Strategy Director, Financial Services Executive Council Nov. 14, 2007 May 10, 2021 May 12, 2021 May 2026
  1. Purpose
    1. NSCC offers a College Travel Card that provides a convenient method of payment for College travel related expenses. The College Travel Card is offered in partnership with US Bank.
    2. This policy establishes practices governing the use, payment and substantiation requirements for all College Travel Card purchases. These practices are designed to assist in the appropriate and prudent use of public funds.
  1. Scope
    1. This policy applies to all employees who are eligible for a College Travel Card as defined under section 4.3.
  1. Definitions
Term Definition
Electronic Expense Reimbursement System (E-claims) E-claims is the system utilized to reimburse employees for eligible travel, entertainment and other expenses.
  1. Policy
    1. This is a program where cardholders are individually responsible for paying the monthly credit card balance while NSCC maintains corporate liability for all credit cards that are issued.
    2. General Terms and Conditions
      1. The College Travel Card can be used to make college travel related expenses with any vendors who accept VISA credit cards.
      2. There is no cost to cardholders associated with holding or using the College Travel Card as long as the balance is paid in full before the statement due date.
    3. Eligibility
      1. The following employees may be eligible for a College Travel Card:
        1. Employees who travel on a regular basis.
        2. Other employees as deemed necessary based on their position responsibilities.
      2. A College Travel Card application must be completed and approved by the employee’s supervisor. The completed and approved application form must be sent to the Finance Department for final approval by the Director, Financial Services.
    4. Cardholder Responsibilities
      1. The employee whose name appears on the card is responsible for safeguarding the card at all times and is accountable for all purchases made using the card number. The cardholder is the only person who is permitted to use the card.
      2. The College Travel Card must be used for college travel related expenses only. Using the College Travel Card for personal purchases may result in the cancellation of the credit card.
      3. Cardholders must pay the entire balance owing within 45 days of the statement date. Failure to pay the balance owing within 60 days will result in the immediate suspension of the credit card by US Bank. The balance must be paid in full before the College Travel Card can be reactivated by the NSCC VISA Coordinator. However, NSCC may decide to cancel the College Travel Card if the outstanding balance is not paid within the required payment terms.
      4. Any interest incurred due to late payments of the statement balance must be paid by the cardholder. These charges will not be reimbursed by NSCC.
      5. Cardholders must follow all NSCC Financial Policies when using the College Travel Card:
        62.01 Travel and Reimbursement Policy
        62.21 Procurement Policy
        62.22 Procurement Procedures
        62.51 Entertainment & Other Expenses Policy
      6. The College Travel Card may be cancelled if credit card purchases do not comply with these policies.
      7. Lost or stolen credits cards must be reported immediately to US Bank or to the NSCC VISA Coordinator so that the card can be cancelled.
      8. Cardholders must inform Central Finance if they go on extended leave. Central Finance will temporarily suspend the travel card until such time that the cardholder returns to work. Other NSCC employees are not permitted to use the card in the absence of the cardholder.
    5. Monthly Statement
      Cardholders will be required to log into the US Bank Portal to access the statement. Electronic access to the credit card statement ensures that cardholders can retrieve the statement on a timely basis. Timely access will ensure cardholders can submit an expense report using e-claims.

      The monthly statements will not be mailed to cardholders.
    6. Payments
      Cardholders are responsible for paying US Bank directly. This payment can be made in person at a bank, by mail or online through internet banking services. This payment must be done in time to meet the 45 day payment requirement.
    7. Reimbursement of Expenses
      1. Employees must complete and submit an expense report using E-claims to be reimbursed for college travel related expenses charged on the College Travel Card. E-claims and resource materials can be found on Connect.
      2. Expense reports must include the detailed receipt for each credit card charge claimed. The monthly credit card statement will not be sufficient substantiation to support the reimbursement of credit card transactions. If the detailed receipt is lost and a copy cannot be obtained, the employee has to include a justification for the lost receipt when completing and submitting their report using E-claims. Cardholders should refer to the Travel & Reimbursement Policy for other specific documentation requirements for completing and submitting a report.
      3. The cardholder can submit the expense report in advance of receiving the monthly credit card statement any time after the charge is incurred using the detailed receipt as sufficient substantiation for reimbursement.
      4. Failure to submit an expense report for reimbursement of credit card expenses will not be a valid reason for non-payment or late payment to US Bank.
      5. Paper claims will be on an exception basis only and must be pre-approved by the Finance Department prior to submission.
    8. Credits
      1. A cardholder is responsible for reimbursing NSCC for credit card charges that are reversed or credited back to a credit card number, if the cardholder has received reimbursement by NSCC for these charges. Cardholders can submit the payment to any NSCC campus business office.
      2. Alternatively, the cardholder can contact Central Finance to make arrangements for an adjustment of a future expense report. If this method of repayment is used, there must be sufficient information included to ensure that the repayment can be easily traced to the initial report where the reimbursement was claimed.
    9. Card Cancellation
      Although the credit card is issued in the cardholder’s name, the College Travel Card remains the property of the College. If a cardholder leaves employment with the College or transfers to a position that is not eligible for a College Travel Card, the cardholder must cut up the credit card and notify the NSCC VISA Coordinator in the Finance Department. The NSCC VISA Coordinator will cancel the College Travel Card with US Bank.
  1. Policy Supports

62.01 Travel & Reimbursement Policy 
62.21 Procurement Policy & Procedures (62.22) (login required)
62.51 Entertainment & Other Expenses Policy 
76.21 Fraud Policy