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Temporary Campus or College Closure

Ref. No. Executive sponsor Policy steward Approval authority First approved Last reviewed Effective date Next review
61.61 Vice President, College Services and Strategy Director, Facilities and Engineering Executive Council 2006 Oct. 13, 2020 Oct. 13, 2020 2025
  1. Purpose
    1. The purpose of this policy is to provide direction to be followed in the event that conditions pose a threat to the health, well-being and/or safety of NSCC community members to an extent that warrants a temporary campus or College closure.
  1. Scope
    1. This policy apples to the NSCC community.
  1. Definitions
Term Definition
Executive Team Is comprised of the Executive Council and the President of NSCC.
  1. Policy
    1. Decision to Close
      The decision to temporarily close a campus or the College on a normally scheduled working day may be required should conditions warrant.
      1. The decision to close a campus is made by the Principals.
      2. The decision to close the College is made by the Executive Team.
    2. Campus Access
      1. When a campus is closed, access to facilities is limited to certain employees who are required to be on-site due to the nature of their job. This is defined in their position descriptions.
      2. All other NSCC community members are not permitted to access the campus facilities. Where it is possible for employees to work from home, they are expected to do so. However, where working from home is not possible, employees will not be disadvantaged in any way. The guiding principle is that employees should neither benefit nor suffer as a result of a campus or site not being accessible for work.
      3. Continuing education classes and any external bookings that are scheduled are also cancelled.
    3. Notifications of Closure and Re-Opening
      If a closure occurs prior to the start of regular business hours, efforts will be made to communicate the decision by 6:30 AM. If a closure takes place during regular business hours, employees and students will be notified of the time the site or campus will close and they are asked to depart. For information on possible closures employees have a variety of resources:
      1. Online Updates: Closures, delayed openings and re-openings will be communicated at
      2. Email Updates: Campus Principals, or their designate, will communicate closures, delayed openings and re-openings by email to the active campus community.
      3. Social Media: Closures, delayed openings and re-openings will be communicated by the College’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.
      4. Radio updates: NSCC Marketing & Communications will use Twitter (@NSCCNews) to notify local and provincial media outlets of closures. However, media outlets are under no obligation to share this information in a timely or accurate fashion. NSCC Marketing & Communications will make all efforts to rectify any misinformation but it remains the employee’s responsibility to confirm information regarding the status of College and campus operations at
      5. Recorded Phone Messages: Each campus and Central Office have a storm closure info line that will be updated if a closure occurs. A list of these phone numbers can be found at
    4. Return to Work
      Employees are expected to return to work as soon as possible upon the issuance of a reopening notification while keeping their health, well-being and safety in mind. Where a campus re-opens and an employee is unable to report for work or is late in reporting for work due to existing conditions, please refer to the provisions of the applicable collective agreements or employment policy for direction.
  1. Policy Supports

61.62 Temporary Campus or College Closure Human Resource procedures (login required)