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Presidential Travel Expenses Policy

Ref. No. Executive sponsor Policy steward Approval authority First approved Last reviewed Effective date Next review
62.05 Vice President, College Services and Strategy Director, Financial Services Board of Governors 2016 Oct. 2020 Oct. 2020 Oct. 2025
  1. Purpose
    1. This policy recognizes that there are additional expectations of accountability and regularly occurring job requirements of the President warranting limited exceptions to NSCC Policy 62.01 - Travel and Reimbursement. All standards for the reimbursement of travel expenses to employees for actual and reasonable expenses incurred on college business continue to apply to the President as contained in Policy 62.01, except as specified in this policy.
  1. Scope
    1. This policy applies only to the President of Nova Scotia College Community.
  1. Definitions
  1. Policy
    1. Meal Expenses
      All claims for meal expenses by the President must be made using detailed receipts. Per diem rates specified in sections 4.14a and 4.14b of Policy 62.01 do not apply.
    2. Accommodations within 50KMS of Regular Work Location
      The President will be reimbursed for overnight accommodation expenses within 50 km of their regular work location when it is impractical or unsafe to travel. In lieu of the pre-approval documentation normally required in section 4.14c.ii of Policy 62.01, a notation of the reason must be included in the travel expense claim documentation.
    3. Out of Province Travel
      The President is permitted to travel to out-of-province/country destinations without submitting an Out of Province/Country Travel Request Form for approval prior to traveling, as normally required under sections 4.8c and 4.8d of Policy 62.01.
    4. Other Exceptions
      The President will not be reimbursed for any other travel expense that is not reimbursable under the provisions of this policy or Policy 62.01 unless:
      1. The expense is the result of an emergency or other event not already covered by these policies.
      2. Approval for reimbursement is given by the Chair of the NSCC Board of Governors in writing following receipt of appropriate documentation of the situation causing the unexpected expenditure.
  1. Policy Supports

62.51 Travel and Reimbursement Policy 
62.11 Entertainment and Other Expenses Policy 
76.21 Fraud Policy