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Facilities Use and Rentals Procedures

Ref. No. Executive sponsor Policy steward Approval authority First approved Last reviewed Effective date Next review
61.02         Jan. 31, 2023    
  1. Purpose
    1. This procedure explains how to book campus space in compliance with the NSCC Facility Use and Rentals Policy (61.01).
  1. Definitions
Term Definition
Short term Use Use of the facility for less than 4 months continuous use.
Long term Use Use of the facility for a period of 4 months or greater continuous use.
  1. Procedures
    1. Managing Requests for Facilities Use
      1. All campuses should:
        1. Designate a person(s) to coordinate facility bookings.
        2. Define a process for coordinating facility bookings that ensures all internal stakeholders are informed in a timely manner and all requirements for booking are satisfied.
        3. Develop a Facility Information Package that contains information about the Campus, details about specific spaces, guidelines for assignment, as well as facility rates, auxiliary services and other special services that might be of interest.
      2. All requests for Facility Use must:  
        1. Must be made on a completed and signed Application for Use of College Facilities form. Where this is not practical, Facility Booking Personnel (FBP) will record the mandatory information and request an email for confirmation. For repetitive users, to reduce administration for both parties, applications can be made up to one (1) year in advance.
        2. Must be assessed for risk using the Risk Assessment form (61.02A).
    2. Categorizing Risk
      A risk assessment form (61.02A) must be completed for every booking. Risk will be categorized
      in either one of two levels:
      1. Low - exists if all of the following conditions apply:
        1. The request for facility use is for a purpose requiring a low level of physical activity that is unlikely to result in injury to participants nor cause damage to physical space, such as to conduct a meeting, deliver a lecture or other similar low impact event.
        2. The activity will be conducted in an area, such as a classroom, lecture theatre or similar space that is free of material or equipment that requires special precautions such as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
        3. The activity does not involve the serving of alcohol.
        4. The activity does not involve minors.
        5. The activity will not result in any damage to the College brand.
      2. High - exists if any one of the above conditions cannot be satisfied.

      3. Document Requirements
        Document requirements are dependent on the type of rental (short term / long term) and the level of risk assessed.

        A Facilities Use Application Form and Risk Assessment must be completed for every booking. In addition, the following documents are required:

        Type of Rental Contract Signatories/review required Insurance 
        Short Term (low risk) Rental agreement Principal or MAS Need to provide proof of insurance; 
        If waiving insurance requirement need 'waiver of insurance form'.
        Short Term (high risk) Rental agreement Principal or MAS
        Manager OH&S review
        Need to provide proof of insurance.
        No option to waive insurance.
        Long term Lease agreement Principal or MAS
        Director, Facilities and Engineering
        Legal review
        Requires review by our insurance to confirm they are covered.
        The user must also obtain any licenses required by law, for example, a liquor license if alcohol will be served.

        When request for facility use is for a primary purpose requiring the competencies of a third party, the third party contracted will be considered an external client.

        Student Association requests are to be processed as identified in the NSCC Student Risk Assessment Guidelines using the approved College process.
    3. Applying Facility Fees
      Fees are to be applied to client accounts based on the Schedule of Facility and Equipment Fees approved by the Manager, Administrative Services at the relevant campus. This is to be reviewed and updated annually at the discretion of the MAS to ensure cost recovery.
      1. Requests for consideration for either exemption or discounting of these fees will be done based on the criteria noted below:
        1. Third party booked for primary purpose – will be billed “out of pocket costs” such as overtime or casual staff directly related to the request.
        2. Charities – will be billed 50% Facility and Equipment rental fees plus 100% Other Services fees plus any direct out of pocket costs incurred.
        3. College Partners – will be billed any direct out of pocket costs related to the rental. Examples of such partners are Sobeys, Skills Nova Scotia, Dept. of Labour & Advanced Education, Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA).
        4. Other External Clients – all Facility and Equipment rental rates plus Additional Fees plus direct out of pocket costs are to be applied to the client’s account.
      2. Cancellations not completed 48 hours prior to the start of the booking may be billed to the client at the discretion of the MAS.
      3. Additional exemptions and discounting maybe be done at the discretion of the Principal or designate for reasons pertaining to strategic initiatives of the campus. Such reasons are to be noted at time of approval.
  1. Procedure
Supporting Documents (log in required)
Appendix A: Application for Use of College Facilities
Appendix B: Facility Use and Rental Agreement
Appendix C: Risk/Benefit Assessment
Appendix D: Standard Form of Lease
Appendix E: Memorandum of Understanding
Appendix F: Schedule of Fees
Appendix G: Waiver Form
Appendix H: Fire and Emergency Evacuation Guide

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