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Is a career in Disability Supports and Services right for you?

Two men sit at a table. One man is smiling at the other, who is in a wheelchair. They are in a classroom environment.

People with disabilities are an under-served population that’s growing in Nova Scotia, and Disability Supports and Services (DSS) graduates are in high demand.

If you’re looking to enter a career that offers flexibility and you identify with any of the personality traits below, NSCC’s Disability Supports and Services program may be the right fit for you.

Strengths and transferrable skills

You seek to empower others.
DSS professionals support people to make their own choices, direct their own lives and learn to advocate for themselves. They empower people to learn new skills that increase their independence.

You value diversity.
This work involves supporting people from diverse backgrounds with behavioural, cultural and religious differences. DSS professionals treat all people with respect and ensure those they support receive the dignity they deserve.

You’re receptive.
DSS professionals are open to learning from those they support and are always looking for ways to improve their skills. They listen and take direction from those they support as to how they can be most helpful.

You’re patient.
Working with people who have disabilities requires a calm presence and the ability to support people at their own pace.

You’re supportive.
DSS professionals must be able to develop trusting relationships with those they support. This is done with an attitude of respect and genuine care.

You work well with a team.
DSS professionals collaborate with lots of people – from the people they support, to their families, to colleagues, to professionals and community members. Establishing good working relationships is an important part of the job.

You’re a great communicator.
DSS professionals provide clear and concise instruction – often in non-traditional ways – in many of life’s situations. Good communication with colleagues also ensures that people receive quality care.


Interested in learning more about the Disability Supports and Services program at NSCC? Email or call 1-866-679-6722 (toll free).