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6 easy habits for sustainable living

6 easy habits for sustainable living
The Centre for the Built Environment at Ivany Campus provides opportunities to learn about the environment and sustainable building practices.

From growing vegetables for campus cafeterias to our LEED Certified buildings, we take sustainability seriously. It’s a part of everything we do.

Wondering how you can make a difference?

Here are six easy tips to help improve sustainability at home and in the workplace:

  • Trade disposable for reusable
    Use a travel mug for hot beverages. Did you know disposable coffee cups make up 5% of NSCC’s waste? In 2016, we threw out 12 tonnes of disposable coffee cups.
  • Pack a sustainable lunch
    The best way to reduce trash is to not create it. Bring your own silverware, insulated reusable containers and cloth lunch bags.
  • Use hydration stations
    Instead of bottled water, opt to use a reusable water bottle. Many workplaces and community spaces have water fountains and bottle fill stations.
  • Go digital
    Take notes on your laptop or other digital device. Only print the notes you need.
  • Turn off your engine
    Idling your vehicle for longer than 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more CO2 than restarting your engine.
  • Travel clean
    Walk, bike, carpool or take public transit whenever possible.

NSCC has been recertified with a STARS Gold Rating in Sustainability, earning the highest score among Canadian colleges and placing among the nation's top four post-secondary institutions. Read more about our sustainability rating