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Living on campus

Campus housing is more than a place to sleep and eat; it's a place to feel safe, secure and be successful. When you live on campus, you're exposed to opportunities and experiences that create community, promote inclusivity and most of all, support your personal and academic success.

View our Living on Campus Guide

The NSCC Living on Campus Guide includes our foundational approaches to on-campus living and our community standards. The guide also outlines what to expect while living in campus housing at NSCC.

Prioritize your health and wellness
Review your health and wellness (PDF 168KB) for tips and information for students living on campus.
Be part of a campus living community

Campus housing program

Our campus housing program provides opportunities for you to interact with a variety of campus communities, services and people. Some of our regular campus housing activities include:

  • Academic success programming – whether it's study skills sessions with a peer-assisted learning support team member or a career information workshop, we work with campus partners to deliver programming that supports your academic success.
  • Community connections – from campus housing and campus orientation activities to experiences in your local/regional community, we strive to make you feel welcome.
  • Personal wellbeing – from stress relief programs with puppies to intramurals/recreation opportunities, we know that students who take care of their mind, body and spirit are more successful.
Access campus housing supports

Campus housing coordinators

Every campus housing location is assigned a coordinator. These full-time NSCC employees are responsible for the day-to-day administration of our campus living program. They work with other members of the Student Services team to support students, foster accountability and help build a positive and inclusive living and learning environment.

Veronika Deliyannakis

Strait Area Campus
Jeremy Arseneau

Truro Campus (Davis Hall)
Patrick Colley

Campus housing community assistants

Likely to be one of the first people you meet on campus, your well-trained housing community assistant (CA) is committed to building a sense of belonging within your campus housing and across the wider campus community. Selected for their strong leadership skills, your CA not only offers basic supports to those living on campus, they develop educational and social opportunities and aid in the general security of our buildings.

Resources and supports

In addition to the supports provided by your campus housing team and your NSCC Student Association, we offer supports and services that help you get the most out of your NSCC experience. View the wide range of student services available to you.

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