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Off-campus housing

Finding off-campus housing that’s right for you can take significant time and work. We provide off-campus housing resources that can assist you in your search. It is the students' responsibility to secure their own accommodations.

We recommend you view our helpful NSCC Living in Nova Scotia: A Resource Guide for Students to get you started. This online module series covers topics like Nova Scotia Culture, Signing a rental agreement, lease or contract; being aware of rental scams; and how to live with others peacefully.

Off-Campus Housing Checklist

Housing Planning and Budgeting

It is important to understand what you need when securing housing. This includes reviewing finances and creating a budget, understanding transportation options, planning for pets, and getting connected to resources like webinars.

Searching for Housing

When searching for housing it is important to understand how to search for the best housing possible, and knowing when you may need to compromise. Review considerations for when you are searching including incorporating planning, and where to search.

Securing Housing

It is important to understand submitting applications, and the Residential Tenancies Act while securing housing. Know what should be in an application, how to sign a lease, and how to protect yourself from negative rental experiences from the beginning.

Community Resources and Involvement

Moving to a new community can be challenging. Learn more about community resources and involvement including NSCC resources, sustainability support, webinars, and family information.

Housing and Transition Supports

The Coordinator of Housing and Transition Supports keeps our resources up to date, provides information for students, and works with campuses to provide various support.

Have questions about any of the following? Contact Kaileigh Skinner, Housing and Transition Supports Coordinator at  for insight into:

  • Housing options and search strategies
  • Transportation and driving requirements in Nova Scotia
  • Employment opportunities for partners/spouses
  • Enrolling your children in school
  • Your community – groceries, fun activities, events
  • Packing tips