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Start-up Accelerator

Develop the skills and professional networks needed to launch your business.

An African Canadian woman smiles as she posts an open sign on the door of her new business.
Start Date:
Typical Length:
30 Weeks
Certificate of Professional Studies

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Subsidized tuition for all students

NSCC Alumni Relations is providing tuition funding of $1,050 for accepted students. Once admitted to the program, your tuition is credited by this amount for the current academic year. Any additional program costs (textbooks, supplies, etc.) are your responsibility.


If you're an NSCC graduate with the goal of launching and managing your own business, this program equips you with the entrepreneurial skillset needed to get a successful enterprise off the ground.

You learn:

  • How to assess market trends and business viability
  • Finance skills, marketing and communications strategies, and business planning
  • How to integrate technology and other operational tools into business processes
  • How to establish resource and community connections in support of your business development goals
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion, health and wellness practices, and adherence to codes of conduct in all areas of business operations
  • The application of sustainable methods that support economic, social, cultural and environmental stewardship

With classmates, you participate in group sessions designed to develop your business ideas. You also have access to a variety of peer-to-peer and professional mentoring and networking opportunities. You leave ready to launch your business and your entrepreneurial career.

September 2024

Campus Full time/part time Delivery Availability
Part time Synchronous online
Delivered fully online with both non-scheduled and scheduled classes.

Seats available

Admission requirements

  • An NSCC credit credential of one term or longer in duration.
  • A completed business concept form outlining details of your business idea is a requirement for determining your admission into this program. For details on what to provide, see the business concept form (PDF 176KB). 
    • Applicants must receive a minimum score of 70% on the business concept form to be eligible for this program.


Tuition amounts are for the 2023-24 academic year. Program costs and fees (textbooks, supplies, etc.) are additional.

Tuition (Domestic):
Tuition (International):

Tuition, fees and program costs

In addition to tuition, there are program costs (books, tools, etc.) and student fees for College services, health and dental plans, your student association and parking.

View detailed program fees page(s). Please note that amounts on these pages are meant for planning purposes only. They don't represent final amounts owing.

Subsidized tuition for all students

  • NSCC Alumni Relations is providing tuition funding of $1,050 for accepted students. Once admitted to the program, your tuition is credited by this amount for the current academic year. Any additional program costs (textbooks, supplies, etc.) are your responsibility.

Career options

Graduates are prepared to start and run their own businesses with their entrepreneurial skillset, they've got transferrable skills of value to employers across industries.

Courses may include

These are some of the courses offered in this program. It is not a complete list and courses are subject to change in advance of the academic year.

Recognizing prior learning / transfer credits
If you have previous learning (course, employment, etc...) that's relevant to your program, you may be able to apply to earn credit. Not all programs are eligible. Learn about our recognizing prior learning (RPL) process.

ENSB 7001 - Plan and Develop Your Small Business
Begin the small business journey by learning some essential skills and practices required to create a strong business idea. This course offers the opportunity to research and map the business idea, conduct research with possible customers and industry professionals and receive feedback along the way.

ENSB 7002 - Marketing for Small Business 
You’ve got the idea; now how do you market it? This course offers practical strategies to help students describe the product or service and explain its uniqueness. Research will help students understand market patterns, industry partners, target market and the competitive advantage.

ENSB 7003 - Essential Business Operations
Technology is vital to all businesses. Learn how it can enhance the customer experience and how to use it to improve business operations. This course also offers the opportunity to register the business name, determine inventory and supply chain, and research location options.

ENSB 7004 - Small Business Financials and Accounting
Need to learn about financing and credit? Has the businesses pricing structure and break even been considered? This course helps students analyze a variety of credit products, funding opportunities and explore cash flow and financial statements to gain financial savvy.

ENSB 7005 - Building a Community of Practice
Learn strategies to help build you own community of practice. This course also offers the opportunity to engage in networking, strengthen professional etiquette, and determine your own work life balance practices.

ENSB 7006 - Launching Your Business
This is it, it's time to soft launch the business! In this course, the focus will be on reflecting what has worked, the challenges, and incorporating feedback to continue to improve the business.

SAFE 1000 - Introduction to WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
This course offers learners basic overview of WHMIS principles and establishes a solid foundation to support workplace-specific training on the safe storage and handling of controlled/hazardous products. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive basic WHMIS certification.

SAFE 1001 - Introduction to NS OH&S Act
This course offers students an introduction to the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Act of Nova Scotia, which is required by any person employed in a Nova Scotia workplace. This is a generic, introductory course that provides basic knowledge of the Act for students and is considered to be the basis from which more specific training can be given.

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