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Atlantic Trades Business Seal

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The Atlantic Trades Business Seal Program is an Atlantic strategy to develop and strengthen the business and leadership skills of tradespeople in the region. The goal is to assist tradespeople to start and operate their own business or move into leadership roles in their organizations. The seal program will result in greater regional mobility and business growth in Atlantic Canada. The program is organized under the leadership of the Atlantic Apprenticeship Council. The Atlantic Trades Business Seal Program is a continuing education program that is specific to the business and leadership needs of Atlantic tradespeople. The program is comprised of five stand-alone modules. Each module develops a specific set of skills that are critical to entrepreneurs and business management.

Admission Requirements – Applicants must hold a Certificate of Qualification in a designated trade.

Certificate Requirements – Individuals must complete five stand-alone modules to complete the requirements for the Atlantic Trades Business Seal. Once these are successfully completed a transcript must be submitted to the Atlantic Apprenticeship Council who will issue the Atlantic Trades Business Seal.

Program Certification Requirements:

The Atlantic Trades Business Seal requires the completion of five mandatory modules from the following NSCC courses.

Atlantic Trades Business Seal Modules:

  • ATBSP - Human Resource Management
  • ATBSP - Business Planning
  • ATBSP - Financial Management
  • ATBSP - Marketing and Sales
  • ATBSP - Operations Management

To apply, please visit the Atlantic Trades Business Seal webpage with the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency.

Program Information

School of Business
Nova Scotia Community College
(902) 491-4314