Culinary Arts
  • Culinary Arts
    Culinary Arts
    Learn fundamental techniques of cooking and presentation, and the culinary and management skills required of a professional chef... Learn more
  • Plan your future
    Plan your future
    Learn more about who you are, and how to explore occupations and training options that align with your interests and goals... Learn more
  • Behavioural Interventions
    Behavioural Interventions
    Build on your degree or diploma by learning how to assist in designing and implementing behavioral interventions... Learn more
  • Moulding Seafarers
    Moulding Seafarers
    Cindy Brown has spent most of her life in the marine industry. Now, she’s teaching the next generation of seafarers at our Nautical Institute... Learn more
  • Crafting a career in craft cider
    Crafting a career in craft cider
    Melanie already had a Ph.D in Chemistry when she decided to take a course at NSCC... Learn more
  • New program: Carpentry Link
    New program: Carpentry Link
    Earn your high school diploma while you complete a certificate in carpentry... Learn more