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Transfer Credit Procedure

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  1. Purpose
    1. The purpose of this procedure document is to identify the accountabilities and processes associated with assessment and evaluation of transfer credits in NSCC courses.
  1. Procedure

2.1 Application and Assessment of External Transfer Credits

Approved transfer credits are entered on the student’s transcript as a “CR”.
Action Responsibility
a. Students must submit a transfer credit request form and all supporting documentation, per the date outlined on the academic calendar. Student
b. Assistant Registrar initially will review the request to see if the transfer credit(s) have been previously approved and in our transfer credit database. If yes, transfer credit will be granted, and student advised. Assistant Registrar
c. Assistant Registrar will forward transfer credit requests that require assessment to the Academic Chair. Assistant Registrar
d. Assistant Registrar will notify the student via the college email system when transfer credit assessment is complete and approved by both the Academic Chair and Assistant Registrar. Assistant Registrar/Academic Chair
e. Assistant Registrar will notify students of denied transfer credit requests via the college email system. Assistant Registrar
f. Assistant Registrar
g. Students are withdrawn from course(s) where a transfer credit has been granted and may be assigned a grade as per the academic calendar. Assistant Registrar

2.2 Application and Assessment of Internal Transfer Credits

Action Responsibility
a. Academic advisement in Peoplesoft will be updated to include student’s internal transfer credits for courses that are identical between programs. Assistant Registrar
b. Students must submit a transfer credit form as per the date outlined on the academic calendar to have courses assessed from previously completed NSCC programs for equivalencies to courses in a new NSCC program. Student 

2.3 Transfer Credit Assessments

Action Responsibility
a. Transfer Credit Candidates will be informed that transfer credits may reduce their student course load and their ability to qualify for student loans, financial aid, awards, and bursaries. Academic Chair/Student Services Advisor/Assistant Registrar
b. Subject matter experts (SMEs) will assess transfer credits to verify the course(s) are relevant, sufficient, and current and can be measured reliably against course outcomes for awarding of college credit. SMEs /Academic Chair
c. A learning contract may be initiated by the subject matter expert during the advising or assessing of transfer credit(s) if additional evidence of learning is required. Approval of the Academic Chair is required. SMEs/Academic Chair

2.4 Exceptions

Action Responsibility 
a. Requests for an exception to this policy must be made in writing to the appropriate dean. Student/Academic Chair
b. The Dean will provide a response via the college email system within five business days of the request. Dean/Academic Chair