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Student Appeals Procedure

Ref. No. Executive sponsor Policy steward Approval authority First approved Last reviewed Effective date Next review
32.02 Vice President, Academic and Equity Director, Enrolment and Registrar Executive Council Sept. 13, 2017   Oct. 1, 2017  
  1. Scope
    1. The College will endeavour to resolve all student appeal matters in a timely manner, and within the timelines stated in this policy. In rare and extenuating circumstances, the College and/or the Student may not be able to adhere to the timelines of this policy. In such cases, the timeline may be extended at the mutual agreement of the Student and the College.
    2. The decision of the Committee is final and binding.
  1. Procedure
Action Responsibility Timeline
2.1 Meet with decision maker to try and resolve the matter without formal appeal. Student



10 business days
(for steps 2.1- 2.5)

2.2 If the issue is not resolved, meet with either the Student Services Advisor or the Assistant Registrar to review and understand the appeals process. Student
2.3 Complete the Student Appeal Form and obtain required signatures. Student
2.4 Complete the Student Appeal Advising Meeting form. SS Advisors or Assistant Registrar
2.5 Submit the appeals package, including the Student Appeal Form and the Student Appeal Advising form, along with all documentation, to the Assistant Registrar. Student
2.6 Submit the appeals package to the Registrar. Assistant Registrar 2 business days
2.7 Advise College stakeholders, including the Academic Chair, Dean, Principal and Vice-President, Academic of the submission Registrar 2 business days
2.8 Advise the student that the appeals package has been received, along with a deadline to receive a decision. Registrar
2.9 Submit all documentation relevant to the appeal to the Registrar. A/C, Dean, Principal or Designate 5 business days
2.10 Distribute all relevant documentation to both parties to the appeal for review. Registrar Within 2 business days
2.11 Distribute all documentation relevant to the appeal to the members of the Standing Appeals Committee, for review. Registrar Within 30 business days of submission
2.12 Convene the Standing Appeals Committee, in accordance with its published schedule, but not more than thirty (30) business days from the submission date of the appeal. Registrar
2.13 Notify College stakeholders, in writing, via NSCC email, of the Committee’s decision. Registrar 2 business days
2.14 Notify the student, in writing, via NSCC email, of the Committee’s days decision. Registrar
  1. Supporting Documents
32.03 Student Appeal Form (login required)
32.04 Formal Student Appeal Decisions Form (login required)
32.05 Student Appeal Advising Meeting Form (login required)
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