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Employer spotlight: A Q&A with Podstarter

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Podstarter is an international podcast agency meeting the demands of a rapidly growing industry. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Podstarter helps podcasters create content and reach audiences far and wide. Since launching in 2020, the company has developed a strong connection with NSCC and is proud to be an employer of NSCC graduates.

Podstarter Partner and Chief Strategist, Jonathan Burns shares why:

Please share some details about your role/position.

My role is to manage both internal production teams and to support external client success. I’m involved with the building and supporting of the teams that design and develop podcast platforms for corporate, branded, non-profit clients.

A portrait of Jonathan Burns.
“I have yet to meet an NSCC graduate that isn’t capable or willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done!”
Jonathan Burns
Podstarter Partner and Chief Strategist

Please describe your business/industry and the areas you serve.

Podstarter is a four-year-old start-up that is a traditional media and creative agency. Our clients turn to us to solve a communications and/or public relations challenge. And, our approach is to provide content pulled from podcast recordings.

While some of our work is scripted and designed, most of our projects leverage an authentic conversation-style recording that touts an ‘unapologetic, authentic, and organic’ approach to storytelling.

No AI, No copywriter. Just good conversations.

Most of our recordings take place in our professional audio/video studio, for a face-to-face conversation. But, of course, our tech stack allows us to create remote studios with audio connectivity for the ad-hoc experience.

The founders disagree on the description of Podstarter. One argues that Podstarter is a podcast production company that leverages its strategic approach in designing podcast that connect with the right audience. Whereas the other founder argues that Podstarter is marketing and communications company that uses a podcast platform to build communication tactics that serve corporate and brand objectives.

It’s this discourse that provides a competitive advantage for Podstarter.

Approximately how many NSCC graduates do you employ?

Half of Podstarter’s team is NSCC grads and we traditionally have 2-3 interns learn from summer and winter placements per year. Many of our interns are offered part time summer placements, or freelance opportunities during their studies.

As an employer, what skills or qualities do you look for when hiring?

Podstarter hires for a variety of roles and often we focus on the strengths and interests of our applicants. Our primary role, and the greatest value we find in the NSCC Radio Television Journalism program, are in individuals that can develop story arcs based on audience interest.

Often, our podcasts are edited from long-form interviews. Being able to select, edit and construct stories based on records is important. Our producers manage dual roles, working directly with clients and supporting content creation.

Next up, are our content creators. These individuals have a focus on bite-sized content targeted for social distribution and quick consumption.

And lastly, we look for studio technicians, individuals that can balance both gear and equipment and client conversations.

Why do you choose to hire NSCC graduates? What sets them apart from other applicants?

NSCC grads have a great perspective. The programs offer much of the practical skills for our job requirements, but it’s the focused intent and the ability to immediately get to work that is so valuable.

I have yet to meet an NSCC graduate that isn’t capable or willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done!