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College update – September 26 closures due to Hurricane Fiona

Sep. 25, 2022 – Statement

Having assessed the regional impact of Hurricane Fiona, some of our campuses and sites will be closed tomorrow, Monday, September 26, while some campuses will be open as usual.

Closed indicates the following:
  • Classes are cancelled, there is no expectation for students to attend classes
  • There is no expectation for employees to work unless deemed essential
  • Services are unavailable
Open indicates the following:
  • Classes and services are available as usual
  • Building/site is open to the public as usual


Closed campuses may be open to the public on a site-by-site basis. Before traveling to a campus, please watch for communications from the Campus principal, check our closures page or call the campus closure line (listed below).

If you have concerns about traveling, please put your safety first and contact your instructor or supervisor as soon as you’re able.

Closed campuses and sites: Monday, September 26

  • Marconi Campus
    • Marconi Campus closure line: 902-563-2450
  • Strait Area Campus and Wagmatcook Learning Centre
    • Strait Area Campus closure line: 902-625-2380
  • Pictou Campus
    • Pictou Campus closure line: 902-752-2002
  • Truro Campus
    • Truro Campus closure line: 902-893-5385
  • Cumberland Campus and Amherst Learning Centre
    • Cumberland Campus closure line: 902-597-8892
  • Ivany Campus and Aviation Institute
    • Ivany Campus closure line: 902-491-1100
  • Akerley Campus
    • Akerley Campus closure line: 902-491-4900
  • IT Campus
    • IT Campus closure line: 902-491-6722
    • Central closure line: 902-491-1653
  • eCampus (no closure line)

Open campuses and sites: Monday, September 26 

  • Kingstec Campus
    • Kingstec Campus closure line: 902-678-7341
  • Lunenburg Campus
    • Lunenburg Campus closure line: 902-543-4608
  • Annapolis Valley Campus and COGS
    • Annapolis Valley Campus closure line: 902-825-3491
  • Shelburne Campus
    • Shelburne Campus closure line: 902-875-8640
  • Burridge Campus and Digby Learning Centre
    • Burridge Campus closure line: 902-742-3501