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What are Reserves?

Reserves are materials that faculty have selected as being useful for specific courses. Reserve items have shorter loan periods than other library materials so that all students enrolled in a course can access them.
Reserves for students

Accessing reserves

Students can search for reserve materials in the Novanet Catalogue. You can search by course number or your faculty’s name.

Borrowing reserves

Reserve items are filed separately from the rest of the campus collection. Visit your Campus Library and staff will help you find what you’re looking for.
  • There is usually no limit on the number of reserves a student may sign out at one time.
  • Reserves need to be returned directly to the campus library staff.

Replacing Lost Reserves

If a course reserve is not returned, or is lost or damaged beyond repair, replacement charges are applied to your library account.


Reserves for faculty

What Can Be Placed on Reserve?

Please talk to your Campus Librarian about reserve items that can be placed online.  Materials placed on reserve must be in accordance with NSCC's Fair Dealing Guidelines.

How Many Copies of an Original Work Can Be Placed on Reserve?

Faculty may place up to five copies of the same original work on reserve.

Copyright and reserves

All items placed on reserve comply with the Copyright Act of Canada, NSCC's Fair Dealing Guidelines, and NSCC Use of Copyright Materials Policy.

The Fair Dealing exception applies to copying and communicating a short excerpt of a copyright-protected work for library reserves. The short excerpt may be copied onto paper, or copied and communicated in electronic form provided that the following safeguards are met:

Copy is made onto paper:

  1. A request to put the short excerpt on library reserve is made by or on behalf of a faculty member and in respect of a specific course or program of instruction;
  2. The number of copies made does not exceed the number of students enrolled in the course of instruction;
  3. The copy is used only for the purpose of library reserve by students enrolled at NSCC;
  4. A complete citation identifying the source of the document must be provided on all photocopies, along with a clear copyright statement; and
  5. The copy is marked with the following notice:

This copy was made pursuant to the Fair Dealing Policy of NSCC of which may be found at The copy may only be used for the purpose of research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, education, satire or parody. The use of this copy for any other purpose may require the permission of the copyright owner.

Copy is made in electronic form:

  1. The safeguards referred to in (i) and (iii);
  2. the notice referred to in (iv) be on the electronic copy or be otherwise displayed to students who access the electronic copy; and
  3. the electronic copy is maintained with access restricted to students enrolled at NSCC and faculty.

Fair Dealing Guidelines

Under Fair Dealing, short excerpts of a copyright-protected work may be placed on reserve for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, education, satire and parody. For more information visit the NSCC Fair Dealing Guidelines available on the Copyright Subject Guide.

Copyrighted Works in Library Electronic Databases

To place a copy of an article from an NSCC Libraries’ database on reserve, the licensing terms must permit it. These terms are available in the Databases A-Z list. Faculty can also provide a link to an article instead of providing actual copies on reserve.

Student Coursework

Faculty are required to obtain the student’s written consent to have their material placed on reserve and must remove the student’s name and student ID number from the coursework. Any additional personal information contained in the coursework must be identified by the student and removed at their request. Visit your Campus Library for more information or download and complete the Student Consent for Use of Coursework form (PDF 72.9KB).

Setting up Reserves

For more information on how to set up your reserve materials, visit your Campus Library.