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Library Equipment Loan Program 2021-2022

The Library Equipment Loan Program starts circulating equipment September 7, 2021.

Who can borrow library equipment?

  • full-time or part-time NSCC students enrolled in core, credit programs as well as some customized learning programs
  • students must be within Nova Scotia

What kind of equipment can students borrow?

  • laptops
  • internet sticks
  • assistive technology (AT) equipment for students who require an accommodation
Some campus libraries loan equipment specific to their Learning Programs.

How does a student borrow library laptops or other equipment?  

Fill out the NSCC Libraries Equipment Request Form and you will be added to a waitlist. Campus Library staff will notify you when equipment is available for pickup. You need a current student ID to borrow equipment. 

Can NSCC students borrow laptops before or after their program ends?

You must be enrolled in a program and engaged in learning in order to borrow equipment.

How long does equipment get signed out for?

Most equipment is signed out for 1 academic term or the end date of a program/course, whatever is shortest. Shorter loan periods may be applied to some equipment.

How do you know when equipment is overdue?

  • Log into your NSCC library account to see what you have checked out and when items are due.
  • NSCC library staff contact you 10 business days before the due date, reminding you that equipment is becoming due.
  • You receive a reminder notice 4 days before the due date. This notice is sent to your College email account.

What happens if equipment is overdue?

  • You receive an overdue notice 1 day after the due date as well as a replacement charge notice 2 days after the due date.
  • Notices are sent to your College email account. You are responsible for returning library equipment on or before the due date regardless of whether you have received notices.
  • Equipment is disabled 1 business day after the due date.
  • The campus Business Office applies a replacement charge to your College account 2 days after the due date and restricts you from being able to enrol in courses or access grades and transcripts.
  • Students are suspended from borrowing any equipment from the Library Equipment Loan Program for one academic term or until the end of their program/course.

Important: If you have withdrawn from the College or paused your learning, any borrowed equipment must be returned immediately to NSCC Libraries. You risk incurring further sanctions as outlined in the NSCC Student Code of Conduct. Contact your Campus Library to arrange a drop-off time.

Can you renew equipment?

  • You can renew equipment one term at a time.
  • If you have equipment for Winter Term 2022, staff at your Campus Library will check in with you early April to see if you need the equipment for Spring Term (until the end of May).

Spring Term renewal is granted to students who:

  • are in a program which runs to the end of May or
  • still have requirements to meet for their program

Damaged Equipment

You are responsible for covering the costs for equipment repairs (i.e. parts, labour, shipping). However, each situation is assessed individually. Please contact your Campus Library for more information.

Lost or Stolen Equipment

You are responsible for covering the cost of any lost or stolen equipment. Please contact your Campus Library for more information.

Equipment replacement costs (2021-22 pieces)

  • Laptop $1600
  • Internet stick $200
  • iPad $400 (no longer part of the program)
  • C-pen $315
  • Rocket book $40
  • LiveScribe (SMART) pen $205
  • Noise cancelling headphones $47
  • Campus-based equipment - Campus determines replacement cost

Apprenticeship Nova Scotia Students

Apprentices cannot borrow library equipment from NSCC Libraries. If you don’t have the technology required to take courses remotely, contact Employment Nova Scotia (ENS) to apply for technology support or contact ENS at their toll-free number: 1-877-223-0888

For more information about the NSCC Library Equipment Loan Program, contact your Campus Library.

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