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Challenge Nova Scotia 2023

NSCC Libraries is pleased to support Challenge Nova Scotia again! This year’s competition is Friday, Nov. 17. An important requirement for this competition is ensuring the teams provide credit for ideas and works created by others (i.e. authors and photographers). This is called Academic Integrity and you can learn more by visiting the Academic Integrity Guide.

2023 Challenge Question

The question will be released on the morning of the Challenge Nova Scotia event.

Academic Integrity

All Challenge Nova Scotia participants must complete an Academic Integrity session prior to the day of the Challenge event. You can find the list of Academic Integrity Sessions for Challenge Nova Scotia Participants in the NSCC Libraries Events Calendar.

These sessions run until November 14th, so be sure to attend a session by that date.

How can NSCC Libraries support registered teams?

  • help locating and using reputable resources
  • advice determining what content needs to be cited
  • support in developing a reference list for submissions
  • help ensuring submissions are following NSCC's Use of Copyright Materials Policy

Library staff are available Nov.17 on campus and via Microsoft Teams. Select your campus below for your Library's hours of support and Library contacts.

Campus Library Hours of Support and Contacts

All Campus Libraries will provide support either online or in person until 9:00 pm on Challenge Nova Scotia day. In addition to the campus contacts listed below, Copyright Officer Lynn MacGregor is also available to assist. You can reach Lynn on MS Teams: @MacGregor,Lynn

Akerley Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Annapolis Valley Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Burridge Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Cumberland Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Digby Site

Contact on MS Teams


Contact on MS Teams

IT Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Ivany Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Kingstec Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Lunenburg Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Marconi Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Pictou Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Shelburne Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Strait Area Campus

Contact on MS Teams

Truro Campus

Contact on MS Teams


Nova Scotia Information

  • Statistics Canada – a socioeconomic database containing data on many aspects of Canadians’ lives.
  • Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC guide – a guide to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and NSCC’s response to them.
  • Engage Nova Scotia Data Visualization Tool - map of the province to select and analyze data collected in the 2019 Quality of Life Survey. Data covers the 8 Domains of Wellbeing: Education, Living Standards, Healthy Populations, Time Use, Leisure & Culture, Environment, Democratic Engagement, and Community Vitality.
  • OneNS Dashboard - The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy proposed 19 “stretch” goals to encourage Nova Scotians to push our limits and aim for profound change.

Research and Copyright

2022 Challenge Nova Scotia Competition

Watch 1st Place video - eCampus

Watch 2nd Place video – Akerley Campus

Watch 3rd Place video – Pictou Campus

Live Chat

Chat with NSCC Library Staff Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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