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East Coast Credit Union tailors donation to support equity-deserving students

Photo of NSCC students and East Coast Credit Union staff in front of NSCC banner holding East Coast Credit Union promotional signs.
East Coast Credit Union at NSCC Ivany Campus' Orientation Day.

Partnering with community

Through partnerships with communities and the College’s Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion team, NSCC is proud to offer a variety of programs and awards tailored to supporting the unique needs of equity-deserving students. These programs are integral in building access, inclusion and diversity at NSCC, and we are dedicated to increasing support for equity-deserving students through partnerships with donors like East Coast Credit Union, who share those same values.

East Coast Credit Union has committed to donating $87K to the NSCC Foundation over three years to three programs. The donation annually funds programs focused on supporting students from underrepresented communities, helping them access post-secondary education and thrive in their NSCC programs. Their donation will fund:

Removing barriers and opening doors

“Donor-supported programs designed to provide the urgent and unique assistance equity-deserving, racialized and other diverse students need are essential in removing barriers and opening doors,” said Jill Provoe, VP, Academic and Equity, NSCC. “We are thankful for donors like East Coast Credit Union who continue to fund these important programs that make such a difference for students from diverse backgrounds as they pursue their educational dreams.”

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a large part of our pillars at East Coast Credit Union and part of us moving forward as an organization,” said Charlotte Jewer, Community Engagement Specialist, ECCU. “NSCC knows its students and programs inside and out. It's helpful for funding organizations to pair with an institution that has the programs in place to reach students and communities who need it most.”

Ready to make a difference?

Donate today to support these incredible donor-funded programs. To learn more about ways to give to the NSCC Foundation and support equity-deserving students at NSCC, contact us:

By phone (toll-free): 1-866-745-7919 | Fax: (902) 491-4828

To see options for giving online:

Donate to the Indigenous Student Support Program

Donate to the Archy Beals Legacy Program

Donate to the Spark Creativity Bursary Fund

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