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NSCC Community Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to support NSCC students through your fundraising activities. Together, we will reduce financial barriers and help students achieve their dreams!

Before you get started

The NSCC Community Fundraising Guidelines serve as a guide for any party external to the NSCC Foundation who wishes to fundraise in support of NSCC students. These guidelines apply to community members, organizations, NSCC staff and students and adhere to NSCC’s fundraising policy.

Throughout my fundraising activities in support of NSCC Foundation, I understand and agree that:

  • Before I begin my fundraising activities or announce my plan to conduct fundraising activities, I must first connect with a member of the NSCC Foundation to discuss my plans.
  • My fundraising activities and my conduct will reflect the mission, vision and values of the Nova Scotia Community College and will adhere to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights, Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines and NSCC Fundraising policy.
  • I will communicate that my fundraising activities are independent from the NSCC Foundation and will be transparent with what portion of proceeds NSCC Foundation will receive as the beneficiary of my fundraising activities (gross proceeds, net proceeds, percentage of sales, etc.).
  • I will discuss and confirm the intended use of the funds with a member of the NSCC Foundation team and will be transparent with donors about how funds will be used (ex., Funding a student award, urgent aid, rapid response, etc.) when conducting my fundraising activities.
  • I am not an authorized representative of the NSCC Foundation and do not have the ability to promise or provide charitable tax receipts on behalf of the NSCC Foundation and will connect those interested in a charitable tax receipt with a member of the NSCC Foundation for further discussion.
  • If I intend to use the NSCC Foundation logo on fundraising materials, I must first share the materials with a member of the NSCC Foundation team for review and approval.
  • If I intend to ask organizations to donate to my fundraising activities, I will first share a list with NSCC Foundation so that we may collaborate on asks where appropriate.
  • If a donor intends to contribute $1,000 or more, I will connect with the NSCC Foundation as soon as I’m aware so they may establish a gift agreement with the donor where appropriate.
  • If an individual or organization requests no further communication from me, I will remove them from my contact list and will not communicate with them any further and will advise NSCC Foundation.
  • If a donor wishes to remain anonymous, I will inform NSCC Foundation so that they can honour this request.
  • I am responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, permits and insurance for any fundraising activities and that my fundraising activities will adhere to First Nation, Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws.
  • Where possible, I will direct donors to give directly through NSCC Foundation (online giving portal, via telephone or mail to the NSCC Foundation, etc.). For any cash gifts I collect, I will remit the funds raised to NSCC Foundation within 30 days of the completion of my fundraising activities.

If you have read and agree to uphold the NSCC Community Fundraising Guidelines above throughout your fundraising initiatives, proceed to submit your idea for assessment. >>