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Emergency Housing Program

Nathaniel Swider, NSCC Emergency Housing Program Recipient, IT Systems Management & Security, Class of 2021 Institute of Technology Campus.

Supporting student safety

The NSCC Emergency Housing Program exists to help find a safe environment for students facing urgent and unsafe housing situations to help provide them with the safety and support they need while continuing their studies.

This program brings together a suite of options for NSCC student advisors and counsellors to access when triaging students in need of emergency housing.

178 alumni and former students reported that they would have utilized an emergency housing program if one had existed.

70% of those students did not complete their program.

NSCC's 2018 Housing Needs Assessment Report 
Metro Campuses, 2014-2017

Program Goals

  • Successfully provide safe emergency housing and supplies to a minimum of 50-65 students per year province-wide
  • Minimize the disruption and increase the retention of those students at NSCC
  • Create a partnership with local businesses and accommodation providers
  • Provide tangible supports to students in immediate housing emergencies

Program Supports

  • Emergency Housing options
  • Emergency food and transportation support
  • Emergency toiletries and bedding support
  • Student transition support to find more sustainable housing solutions

Your support can change lives.

To learn more or support the NSCC Emergency Housing Program, please contact: 
Whitney MacLean:  or Ben Trenaman:

Donate online to NSCC Emergency Housing

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