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Supporting student needs and investing in talent helps Cyber Security grad thrive

Photo of Brandy.
Brandy McGuire, 2023 Recipient, Surrogate Technology Management Sponsorship, Cyber Security, IT Campus

Meet Brandy

Ready for something new, Brandy McGuire (Cyber Security ‘23) embarked on a new educational journey to shift careers by enrolling in NSCC's Cyber Security program at the Institute of Technology Campus. With a background in management, Brandy's personal intrigue with cybercrime propelled her towards the program. "I was always good with computers, interested in cybercrime," she shares. "I wanted to understand how malware and viruses work, how to prevent them." After researching cyber security programs, this quest for knowledge led her back home to Nova Scotia after being away for over ten years.

Accommodating through adversity

Throughout her studies, NSCC provided Brandy with a multitude of supports that helped her get to where she is now. As a person with disabilities and a mother, she received accommodations and unwavering support from her teachers and student services. Brandy is especially grateful for the College's emergency financial aid during a time of need, and for providing the Surrogate Technology Management Sponsorship to help her enter her new career.

The Sponsor-a-Student Program proved pivotal for Brandy, providing her with financial support and a guaranteed job placement to complete her program. Despite facing adversity, including recovering from surgery and surviving a house fire only weeks before her final placement, Brandy persevered. NSCC's unwavering support, from housing assistance to flexible deadlines, ensured her successful completion of the program. "My sponsor and now employer was very understanding, even if it meant not doing the work term," says Brandy. "But I didn't want that; I just needed some time to push through, as this opportunity was important to me and my career."

The learning hasn't stopped

Brandy secured a work experience with Surrogate Technology Management, which not only solidified her skills but also opened doors for her future. "I walked the stage at graduation employed in IT," she proudly states. Her journey continues at Surrogate after graduating, where she embraces opportunities for growth and exploration. "I learned a lot, from troubleshooting to audits to client emergencies. Six weeks is not enough time. I was in no way ready to leave, and I am glad I didn't have to."

Reflecting on her experience, Brandy encourages potential donors to consider the profound impact of sponsoring a student. "Both sides win," she emphasizes. "A student secures their work term while gaining valuable experience, and the employer gains access to talented individuals without the hassle of traditional hiring processes."

Sponsoring NSCC students

Brandy's story exemplifies resilience and determination. As she navigates her new career path, her journey is a testament to perseverance and the transformative impact of student support.

To learn more about joining the Sponsor-a-Student Program and supporting students like Brandy, please contact Ben Trenaman at .

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