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Celebrating a legacy: Five years of The Sobey Award

Rob Sobey with NSCC Sobey Award recipients at the celebration event.
Rob Sobey with NSCC Sobey Award recipients at the Sobey Award celebration.

A milestone year

At NSCC we look at our donors and supporters as our partners, as we work together to go above and beyond for students. The Sobey Family is one of those partners.

In 2017, the family came to the College with a vision for a program that was unique, something for those who may not have thought post-secondary was an option and something that provided them with a clear path to their education. Out of that vision, the Sobey Award Program was born.

The Sobey Award combines funding for tuition with wrap-around supports removing barriers for students so they can focus on their education.

Five years after its creation, the Sobey Award Program has supported over 400 students across the province in over 85 different programs at the College.

Celebrating five years of The Sobey Award

In recognition of this incredible impact, on November 7, 2023, the NSCC Foundation hosted the Five Years of The Sobey Award Celebration at Ivany Campus, welcoming NSCC students, alumni, volunteers and community partners to mark this milestone.

At the celebration, attendees heard the impactful personal stories of community partners, program participants and alumni.

“I continue to be impressed with the passion NSCC students have for their education, careers and communities and am honoured to get to see it all unfold firsthand,” said Rob Sobey. “I simply cannot express the pride and gratitude I feel to be part of this award program over the past five years. To meet the award recipients and hear their stories of hard work, perseverance and commitment to their goals is so inspiring.”

Continued and growing impact

“The Sobey Award Program has made a profound difference in the lives of over 400 students,” said NSCC President, Don Bureaux. “The Sobey Family's commitment to NSCC is a testament to their dedication to fostering opportunities for students to realize their potential and become leaders in their respective fields.”

As the Sobey Award Program matures the Sobey Family continues to increase the impact of the program, recently announcing it will now support up to 90 students annually.

To learn more about the Sobey Award Program at NSCC, visit the program’s student award page

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