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Urgent Aid drives student to her dream career

Photo of Marcia H.

Taking a chance

Urgent Aid recipient, Marcia H., is a single mother in NSCC’s Practical Nursing (PN) program at Cumberland Campus. She began her journey with the College in 2012, pursuing her GED and the Continuing Care program. Afterwards in 2015, she completed the classes she needed for the PN program, but unfortunately had to put it on hold due to finances at the time.

However, in 2022, she decided to take a chance, apply again and got accepted three days later. “I was working full-time, but this was my dream,” said Marcia. “I always wanted to be a nurse and further my career. My kids, they are my inspiration, and they tell me every day about how proud they are of me.”

A long road ahead

After completing her first year of the program, Marcia was ready to start her work placement. While excited to dive into the hands-on learning, she’d have to commute from Amherst to her placement in Advocate, an hour and a half drive away.

Facing this situation, Marcia decided to reach out for help. “I applied for Urgent Aid because I was not able to work during the time I was in Advocate. With the price of gas, as well as the distance I had to travel, I needed some help,” said Marcia.

Thanks to Urgent Aid, Marcia got the help she needed to complete her placement and is grateful for the support to continue making her kids proud. “It was a wonderful feeling to know someone was willing to help a single mom, I wouldn’t have been able to get my hours if I didn’t get help,’ said Marcia. “Without help from people like you, I would not be where I am today. You have made a huge impact on my life, education and my future. Thank you!”

Give to Urgent Aid

By donating to Urgent Aid today, more students like Marcia can continue their education despite the financial challenges they may face. To get in touch about giving to Urgent Aid, please contact us:

By phone (toll-free): 1-866-745-7919 | Fax: (902) 491-4828

Donate online:

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