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Lunenburg Campus is bringing quiet spaces to its students

Photo of new quiet space at NSCC Lunenburg Campus
NSCC Lunenburg Campus' new quiet space.

Thanks to generous donor support, NSCC’s Lunenburg Campus will soon have a new space of refuge funded through the Lunenburg Rapid Response Fund. This space will offer students access to a safe and quiet environment for them to take a break, practice their religion, have privacy for medical reasons, seek campus supports and more.

This space is a chill-down area for students who may be in short-term crisis or stress; be that for personal or academic reasons. This space and the resources within it will give those students a private, and secure place to decompress.

Jeremy Porter
Manager of Student Services, Lunenburg Campus

Providing safe spaces to students is essential for their wellbeing while on campus. Until the project started, students in crisis had no safe or confidential place to be. But now, they will be able to provide a respectful resource to anybody who needs it, while staying near the offices of the Campus Counsellor, two Advisors and the Manager of Student Services.

“It began with a ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ conversation, largely between myself, a predecessor term manager and our Counsellor, and thankfully – with the support of donors – it became a reality,” said Jeremy.

The Rapid Response program directs donor support to a Campus’ area of greatest need, allowing each Campus to identify and solve significant needs through donor funding. Support a Campus’ area of greatest need today by donating to the Rapid Response program here:

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