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Music Arts students’ song is bringing hope and giving back

We'll Be Together Again

In May, a group of students from the NSCC Music Arts class at Marconi Campus released their own single. The song – We’ll Be Together Again, with its catchy tune, echoed our collective hope to return to a time where we can be with friends and family.

It was initially developed as part of a song-writing exercise, but as more students came together, working on various pieces, it became so much more.

The students had the opportunity to perform a version of the song in a workshop with Gordie Sampson and now have a refined version that has been played on several radio stations across Canada and has surpassed 7,000 views online.

When the project started, the students hoped to create a ‘pandemic anthem of hope’ and are taking it a step further by donating a portion of the profits to the NSCC Urgent Aid Program at Marconi Campus. “NSCC and the Music Arts Program have given us so much in terms of the knowledge and skills needed to make a living from working in the music industry, that it felt right to give something back,” says Nik MacDonald, one of the students leading the project.

The class hopes to keep making music and looks forward to performing at live shows in the future. For now, they can be proud that through their music, they have made these days a little brighter.

At the end of the day, we were able to create a song that had a positive impact on people’s lives – whether it made them hopeful or happy, that’s what being a musician is all about!

Nik MacDonald

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