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Lead the Way. More help for students, now

Leading the Way

This past year has been hard for so many. The challenges that NSCC students face as they balance academics, career planning, and financial security have been increased by the unique barriers presented by the pandemic. In response, we are launching Lead the Way—a fundraising initiative that will help remove barriers for students and alumni, fund new innovative programs at the College, and ensure that we can build our province, communities, and industries back better than ever.

Nova Scotia’s future economic and social prosperity needs students to succeed and launch into the workforce, however, NSCC students are increasingly vulnerable to disruptions in their education.

Lead the Way is our vision of a brighter future, with a goal of raising $5M for immediate impact. This initiative was created through consultation with community and industry partners. It responds to the needs and gaps identified, in the areas of accessibility, culture, community, economy, innovation, and sustainability. We believe these areas are where together we can have the most widespread impact for students, alumni, the communities in which they live and work, and our province as a whole.

The specific innovative programs and supports, identified following a season of listening and learning with our stakeholders, will help students navigate and overcome these challenges. With your support, we can build a more resilient workforce and ensure a stronger and swifter provincial recovery.

We look forward to sharing updates on this campaign and the life-changing impact that this will have on students and alumni. To learn more about Lead the Way and the specific priority areas, please visit Lead the Way online.

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