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NSCC Applied Research

Engineered technologies

Engineered Technologies Research
The Engineered Technologies Applied Research Lab builds prototypes for industry using technologies such as the Resin 3D printer.

Led by Dr. Etienne Mfoumou, the Engineered Technologies Applied Research Lab offers unique, cross-disciplinary design solutions that connect engineering, biology, and innovative devices to a number of technology-based sectors. Their inclusive-design approach helps small and medium-size enterprises in Nova Scotia address their individual needs to advance products and services.

Research Facilities and Technologies

  • The Design & Innovation Centre is a machine shop area where NSCC works with industry and entrepreneurs to explore new ideas.
  • Specialized suite of technology that includes advanced design software, reverse engineering, and different 3D printing technologies, including a Renishaw metal 3D printer.
  • Acoustic Systems Trainer for SONAR used to test and develop underwater acoustic-based devices.
  • ZEPTO Plasma System for process development, cleaning and surface activation.
  • Portable and modular spectrometer used to develop more effective monitoring and prediction techniques for field application.
  • Ultrasonic measurement of applied residual stresses device and ultrasonic peening technology used for condition monitoring and repair of 3D printed parts and welded elements.