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NSCC Applied Research

Solar window analysis

Solar window being tested in the Applied Energy Research Lab.
Kohltech's solar window prototype being tested in the Applied Energy Research Lab.


Applied Energy Research designed and tested a solar photovoltaic window using commercially available solar glass, a material that looks like a window and functions like a solar panel. The energy lab designed electronic components and completed an early prototype that the industry partner is using as a display piece to educate customers on this new technology. 


Roof top solar is the conventional method of incorporating solar into a building. Using solar glass allows for a novel approach to adding solar. Building integrated solar will be key to increase the utilization of renewables. 


“We recently completed a project to develop a photo voltaic panel solar system that could be used in a vertical application for the residential housing industry. The team at NSCC were instrumental in moving the project from the concept/vision stage to an actual working prototype that we can use for demonstration purposes. Their practical approach, knowledge and experience was the key to this project getting completed in a timely manner. 

Now that we have proof of concept, we look forward to working with them on the next phase of this project which will be a field installation with realized energy savings.” 

Kevin Pelley, CEO, Kohltech Windows and Entrance Systems 

The working prototype, which is connected to a display that tracks energy production, is helping the company determine the feasibility of manufacturing the specialty windows for the Canadian market. The model at Kohltech is also used to educate their clients — and investors — on the emerging, energy option.


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