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NSCC Applied Research

Solar cell simulator prototype

Researcher in a lab looking at data on a computer connected to an environmentally controlled chamber.
Researcher performing cell aging tests using in-house developed equipment inside an environmentally controlled chamber.


Rayleigh Solar Tech has developed novel perovskite solar cells and is working to improve and scale these cells for commercialization. Applied Energy Research (AER) has created a mechanical design of an affordable, solar cell simulator for testing the performance and longevity of perovskite solar cells. This technology will help Rayleigh Solar Tech with testing the stability and longevity of the cells under varying environmental conditions such as, sunlight, humidity and temperature. The AERLab is also designing a maximum power point tracker that will optimize the power production of the cells.


Rayleigh Solar Tech is developing and commercializing a flexible, lightweight and scalable perovskite solar film. They required a solar cell testing system that has the same features as what’s commercially available at a lower cost. 


In this multi-year project, the Applied Energy Research (AER) Lab designed and built a solar cell testing system for Rayleigh Solar Tech. The working prototype that is easily reproducible. With this solar cell testing system, Rayleigh Solar Tech can increase their testing capacity as manufacturing volume increases. The cost of building this prototype was less than a tenth of the price of buying a commercially available testing unit. This project has the potential to play a significant role in the growing solar energy market. 


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