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NSCC Applied Research

Building a database for emission reduction

Woman typing on a computer in a clean workspace beside a plant
NSCC researcher in the early stages of building the data repository.


Information Technology Applied Research (ITAR) is building a data repository for Acuicy, a local company that provides solutions to scale access to low carbon emissions for businesses in agri-food, construction and manufacturing industries. The repository is integrated from various sources using web-scraping and text mining techniques. The parameters of the data repository will be set to allow an algorithm to forecast carbon emission reductions and return on investment of various interventions across enterprise customers and B2B customers in these industries.


Small- and medium-sized enterprises find it challenging to identify the right clean technology investments for their business, which is an important aspect for reducing greenhouse gasses to meet emission targets. Acuicy is prototyping a software solution to help companies ramp up their carbon-cutting efforts by choosing the most effective—and cost-efficient—options.


ITAR is building a database that has key parameters affecting the carbon emissions and costs that is helping Acuicy build the prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Once completed, the MVP will be used for calculating Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC) for designing various decarbonization strategies.


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