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NSCC Applied Research

Town of Bridgewater energy management information system - proof of concept

Hands holding energy monitoring device
NSCC researcher working on troubleshooting a LoRaWAN indoor air quality sensor.


The Town of Bridgewater has made a name for itself as a community that is going above and beyond to tackle climate change and affordable housing challenges. One of their programs, Energize Bridgewater, aims to reduce energy poverty and address the climate crisis in a way that includes the most vulnerable residents of the community. This visionary work presented an ideal opportunity to collaborate with NSCC's Applied Energy Research Lab (AERLab). The collaboration between the Town of Bridgewater and NSCC Applied Energy Research is focused on developing a proof-of-concept for an energy management information system. This system will measure data such as energy consumption, heating performance, air quality and many other vital pieces of information. Results will provide residents of the municipality, and supply residents, with information on their energy usage and show them ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. 


“Nova Scotia has one of the highest rates of energy poverty in the country. The Town of Bridgewater envisions a future for our community where energy poverty reduction strategies work together with clean and efficient energy systems to confront energy poverty at its core.”

David Mitchell, Bridgewater’s mayor


The AERLab is preparing the scope of work for the field-testing stage and for the design of a follow-up support system. This next step speaks to the relationship between the energy management information system and the residents who will be invited to make use of it. It will address questions on how to make the information understandable and actionable, how residents will know if their energy situation is improving and who to call if they have a question. 


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