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NSCC Applied Research

Greener grids through repurposed electric vehicle batteries

Male researcher kneeling in front of an electric vehicle battery system surrounded by other pieces of technology in a lab.
Research Associate, Ben Sabean, working on an EV battery storage system in the Applied Energy Research Lab at Ivany Campus.


Applied Energy Research (AER) has partnered with Atlantic Energy Storage (AES) to develop and design a battery-based storage system using repurposed electric vehicle (EV) batteries. These systems are expected to benefit electricity consumers, industry and utility companies by reducing demand on the electrical grid. Using second life EV batteries, the AERLab and Atlantic Energy storage are sustainably enhancing demand side management and peak shaving, two methods currently used across residential and industrial sectors to reduce energy consumption.


Large commercial and industrial facilities use a lot of electricity, creating strain on the electrical grid and increasing costs for consumers. Systems like the one being developed by AES allow users and building operators to better optimize their electricity demand, resulting in reduced costs and improved and more sustainable energy use. 


"Our collaboration with NSCC has proven invaluable to our startup company. It provided us with unparalleled technical insights and enabled us to safely explore applications such as fast charging and peak power shaving with a second-life EV system. That would have been impossible without the expertise and state-of-the-art laboratory at the AER lab"  

-Mark Elliott, CEO, Atlantic Energy Storage