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Careers in geomatics

Read stories about students, faculty, alumni and employment opportunities in the geomatics field.
Man sitting at a laptop computer
Is geomatics the right fit for you? How do you know if a career in the booming geospatial sector will be a good fit for you?
Man standing in a field with a tablet computer
Help protect the environment You can help solve the world's most pressing environmental challenges by harnessing the power of environmental geomatics.
Colleagues work on a project at the office
Get hired Qualified geomatics grads are in demand nationally.
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Map the future through geomatics Advances in geospatial technology mean geomatics professionals will have key roles to play well into the future.
Male student sitting in a classroom and smiling
Combine college and university NSCC has agreements with universities for transferring credits between similar programs. This means you can save both money and time by choosing COGS.
Hunting for treasure
Hunting for treasure For more than 200 years, treasure hunters have flocked to Oak Island, Nova Scotia, to find the hiding place of what could be the greatest treasure in history.
Mapping the ocean floor
Mapping the ocean floor Jillian Ejdrygiewicz has always had an interest in animal science and human geography. But when studying biology at university, she felt something was missing.
From COGS to NASA When a business gets a call from NASA, it’s a big deal. When that business is being asked to teach some of NASA’s brightest minds, it’s galactic.
Using GIS data to build accessible, interactive maps
Using GIS data to build accessible, interactive maps Working towards a psychology degree, Vanessa Campbell says she often found herself thinking more about her geography and cartography electives.
Telecommunications company relies on GIS grad
Telecommunications company relies on GIS grad GIS Analyst Haley LeBlanc is using advanced diploma to meet growing demand of Eastlink customers.