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Ships Cook Practical Exam

This one-day exercise, supervised by qualified NSCC culinary instructors, will provide participants with an evaluation of their applied skills, culinary knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve success and gainful employment as a Transport Canada-certified ships cook (as per TP 11130E).


NSCC offers the practical exam a maximum of six times per year: typically during the third week of the month in December, March, May, June, July, and August (specific dates to be determined). In order to maintain quality of the learning and assessment, the maximum number of participants that can be supervised at once is four.


Marine Advanced First Aid, MEDSTCW Basic Safety, Vessel Personnel with Security Responsibilities and Shipboard Galley, plus at least 30-days of work experience at sea as a member of a ship's culinary team on board Canadian or international vessels.

Exam Content

The exam will consist of two components:

Part A

Pre-exam work required up to 3 weeks in advance:

  • Produce a written single use 12-hour menu to be used in the Marine sector to offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks to the ship’s crew.
  • Considerations for the menu should include healthy eating as suggested by Canada’s Food Guide, cultural diversity, and balanced nutrition, a menu items.

Part B

One-day practical exam:

  • Produce and prepare a dinner menu for six persons. It must include, but is not limited to, an appetizer, a selected yeast bread, quick bread or cracker and spread, a broth base soup, an entrée demonstrating a combination cooking method with an accompanying sauce, a selected starch, and two selected vegetables and garnish, and a baked custard of choice and textured garnish.
  • Provide a required food order for the above menu, ensuring all recipe ingredients are listed with accurate quantities needed.
  • Maintain a hygienic work environment and produce sanitary food products.

Scheduled Time Frame

The student(s) will be provided a six-hour time allotment to prepare and present the above menu (#B1). This will consist of four hours preparation, and two hours plated service and clean-up.


A qualified NSCC culinary instructor will provide an assessment for the Ships Cook Exam Practical that focuses on the quality of the food produced along with methodology of the process. Specifically, students will be assessed on the following criteria: Safety & Sanitation, Tools & Equipment, Time Management, and Principles of Cookery.

Price and Logistics

Cost: $1915
Location: Strait Area Campus
Delivery: In person

Group pricing is available.


For more information or to register, please contact: