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Fisheries Safety Training

The following courses are offered onsite at the NSCC Nautical Institute -Strait Area Campus in Port Hawkesbury, NS or the NSCC School of Fisheries in Shelburne and in Communities throughout Nova Scotia.

To apply, email:  or call 902-625-4017.

Course Description Prerequisite Duration
Marine Emergency Duty Domestic Vessel Safety

This course is designed to provide first time seafarers with the minimum knowledge of emergency response required to safely work aboard a vessel; to determine the hazards associated with the marine environment and their own vessel, and of how to prevent shipboard incidents including fire.
Minimum 15 years of age; Valid Transport Canada Seafarer's Medical 26 Hours
Marine Basic First Aid

This course provides learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize an emergency, provide appropriate first aid at the scene, notify emergency medical services and promote a safety-oriented lifestyle for the prevention of accidents. This course meets the requirements for first aid training as set out by Transport Canada and Workplace Occupational Health and Safety.
No prerequisite 10 Hours
Marine Advanced First Aid (MAFA)

This Course is designed for students that have already done some firefighting training for the marine industry, but is not limited to the marine industry. It is designed as a refresher course to become familiarized with firefighting skills and techniques. Students perform search and rescue exercises, live firefighting exercises with water, foams and extinguishers. It is also for any person who wants to obtain a Master's or Officer's certificate or endorsement; or the person designated to provide first aid on board a vessel engaged on a near coastal voyage, class 1 or unlimited voyage.
No prerequisite 40 Hours
Marine Emergency Duties Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (MED SDV-BS)

This one day course provides learners with a basic understanding of marine hazards and responding to emergency situations required by everyone working on a vessel.
Minimum 15 years of age or older 8 Hours
Restricted Operators Certificate - Maritime Commercial

This Industry Canada approved course will enable radio station personnel to efficiently utilize aspects of the GMDSS communications systems applicable to Sea Area 1 operations. This course adheres to the fundamental recommendations for training of maritime radio personnel as outlined in the Industry Canada RIC-25. Upon successful completion of this course, ROC-MC Certificates will be issued.
Minimum 18 years of age 24 Hours
Small Vessel Operator Proficiency

Learn to safely operate small commercial vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels, in coastal waters. This set of courses include: Small Vessel Operator Proficiency, Radio Operator Certificate, Domestic Vessel Safety and Marine Basic First Aid.
Minimum be 18 years of age 26 Hours
Fishing Master Class 4

This course provides the knowledge required to safely navigate inshore fishing vessels in coastal waters, as well as, introduces the student to the factors involved in making offshore fishing voyages. This course also prepares the student to be examined in the Fishing Master 4 Certificate of Competency administered by the Marine Safety Branch of Transport Canada. Upon successful passing of the Marine Safety examinations, the Fishing Master 4 Certificate of competency validates the holder as a Master on a fishing vessel that is less than 100 gross tons and as a mate on all other fishing vessels. Please note: 365 days sea time is required for eligibility to write Transport Canada Exams for certification.
No Prerequisite 54 days
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System - Restricted Operator Certificate Maritime Commercial (GMDSS-ROC-MC)

This course is intended for mariners on vessels operating in North American A1 Sea Area as defined in Radio Aids to Marine navigation (RAMN) and compulsorily fitted with VHF DSC radio equipment. This course in approved by Industry Canada and complies with STCW 95 as amended – Regulation IV/2.
Minimum 18 years of age or older 25 Hours