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Funding for nautical short programs

Women and Indigenous Peoples

As a woman or Indigenous person enrolled in nautical short programs, you may qualify to have 90% of your costs covered. Indigenous students are automatically considered for additional funds (up to $300 per week) to help with living expenses while enrolled in a nautical course.

 To receive funding you must be enrolled in one of the following eligible course categories:

Eligible Short Programs

Coastal Protection Environmental Technologies (Certificate of Professional Studies)
Get the training you need to address contemporary issues in coastal environmental management and gain technical skills to use in the field. Unique in Atlantic Canada, this 7-week program prepares graduates to work as field technicians, consultants, advisors, or project leads in many coastal environment management settings. Campus-based Indigenous elders and knowledge-holders also provide mentorship and guidance related to Indigenous perspectives for coastal observation and stewardship.

Start date: October 12 - November 26
Location: Strait Area Campus, Port Hawkesbury
Admission requirements: A diploma or undergraduate degree – see program page.
Credential: Certificate of Professional Studies
Bursary value: $2,185 (eligible for 100% tuition)

Marine Foundations - Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (Certificate of Completion)
Learn to safely operate small commercial vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels, in coastal waters. In this program, you have courses in: Small Vessel Operator Proficiency, Restricted Operator Certificate, Domestic Vessel Safety, Marine Basic First Aid, Traditional Knowledge, and Introduction to WHMIS and OH&S Act.

Start Date: September 23 - October 15
Locations: Strait Area Campus (Port Hawkesbury), and Wagmatcook Learning Centre
Program Length: 3 weeks
Bursary value: $1,807

Marine Foundations - Marine Emergency Duties (Certificate of Completion)
Learn about personal survival, firefighting, rescue craft and traditional knowledge. Completion of this program prepares seafarers with the minimum requirement for sailing on commercial vessels in international waters. In this program, you have courses in Traditional Knowledge, Marine Basic First Aid, MED Basic Safety, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, and Introduction to WHMIS and OH&S Act.

Start Dates: November 15 - December 2, 2021
Location: Strait Area Campus
Program Length: 3 weeks
Bursary value: $2,656

• Indigenous applicants must provide confirmation of self-identification and/or registered status recognized by the Government of Canada.

Next steps

1. Apply for Marine Program
Be sure to self-identify as a female or Indigenous person

2. Apply for funding
Once registration is confirmed, you receive a link to apply for funding.