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Kea Augustine's Story

Kea Augustine in St Kitts & Nevis in 2023

The second I landed in St. Kitts I was made to feel like a celebrity with the hospitality they extended towards us. For the whole 2 weeks the hospitality not just with CFBC but also with the locals only got better from there; they truly exceeded my expectations. I was greeted like I was a friend by every person I passed by whether it was at the resort or downtown. It reminded me a lot of being home in my own community, where everyone knows everyone. The island is such a breathtaking place, my pictures don’t even do St. Kitts & Nevis justice. I also got a glimpse into the history of St. Kitts & Nevis and what their people had to go through during the slavery times and also the history of the Indigenous people that once descended there, it’s amazing to learn what my Indigenous people and the black community had to go through during those times. Yet we are still here, continuing to strive and overcome obstacles that would make our ancestors proud.